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  1. If you search southern plastics on YouTube they show the Roboworms being hand poured by a machine. Similiar to a CNC machines except its injecting plastic not cutting but same idea. I beleive its near the end of the video but still worth watching the whole thing.
  2. Ok Dave I understand, If Rupert gets back to me. I will see where I can order the spare seals from. Thanks again for your help. I am getting dents in my baits now also. Im not sure if its air trapped or im not holding injector down long enough to keep pressure. I guess Ill figure it out. Thank you!
  3. I added 2nd o-ring to injector and it immediately tears the new one. Tried it twice with adding another and same result. He thinks theyre may be burrs on the face of the orifice or inside the nut. We will see. He said to try sanding the inside of the nut to knock off burrs so I may try that. Ill let yall know. Thanks!
  4. Talked to Rupert 15 minutes ago and hes gonna send me some new parts. Hopefully this will resolve the issues. I do believe I may have over tightened the nuts also so maybe thats and issue as I may have damaged the seal, but when you cant get something to seal you tighten it more. I never payed attention to the seal inside the nut. I think its the plate thats an issue but we will see. Thank all of you for your help!
  5. Also any suggestions on cleaning the injectors quickly? The one rod has rusted into the bottom plate and its pain trying to get the injector apart without beating it with something after taking the nuts off the rods.
  6. No I have not looked at those as they are seated inside the bottom piece. I will examine them tomorrow but I do not have replacement rings if they are bad.. I see nothing on UM's site for spare parts so Ill have to call Monday I guess. I am wondering if the tubes that go in the machine are worn and also the orifice ports themselves. Look at the pics closer. It looks like wear. I have not shot all that much so hopefully this isnt going to be something I am dealing with all the time.
  7. Heres pics of them after I cleaned them again
  8. Thanks Cub48 Im losing my mind with this, I loosened the set screws and pulled that out. Took off the nut then the 2 hole port. Cleaned them all making sure not to scratch the port and then put the two hole port back in put the bracket back on and spun the nut until it was tight then I got a wrench and tightened up the nut and tightened the set screws. The set screws seem far away from the body of the machine like the nut wasnt tightened enough. Anything here i missed? Appreciate the help.
  9. Hi All, I have two of the Ultramolds smaller shooting star machines and one of them I am having issues with air getting into the baits. I took the injector apart and cleaned it, I removed the nut, plate and injector port from the machine. I can hear air getting sucked in when I draw the injector around the nut. I put two o-rings on the injector instead of one and it solved the problem temporarily until the additional O ring broke from the heat or something else. I added another one and the same thing happened. I tried tightening the nut and tightening the set screws but to no avail. The one thing that I do notice is that the bottom port of the two hole port slowly leaks when running. Not a lot but some so I am perplexed on what is wrong. I have cleaned them all and inspected them but still same issue. This is making me crazy as I get about a 50% success rate on baits. Either they have air pockets or are incomplete. I have tried shooting the molds on an angle and lowering temperatures to around 305 - 310 but still same problem. Something is not sealing and i can hear it when drawing from the machine. I readjusted the position of the support bracket also. I am tired of spending half my time fighting this thing. I have had it for a while and clean it about once every two months so I am perplexed at what might be wrong. Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  10. Thanks Guys! I really appreciate it! I will try it and let you know!
  11. squigster

    Bears baits molds

    I believe I have one but bears site is gone so Im not sure its the same mold. Send a pic to jstawiarski@me.com and I can see if its the same one. Thanks, Jim
  12. Thanks Frank, do you keep both temps the same? of do you lower the belly temp less than the back? A guy told me I shouldnt shoot it vertically. I am not sure how else to do it without plastic running out of the sprue all over the table. Do you shoot them vertically? Im just curious as this is making me nuts! LOL Thanks for you help!
  13. Hey All, I have the K type 3.5 and 5" Basstackle swimbait molds and I am having trouble getting laminates to work well. I talked to someone today and they said I should be shooting the mold at a 20 degree angle. I tried that and plastic ran out everywhere obviously. Not sure whether they really meant 70 degrees or not. I know the ribs are deflecting the plastic when its injected and the belly color which is white keeps showing up on the last section of the body on the back as I am assuming that the belly plastic is getting pushed somehow on to the back and partially covering the back color. The mold is a top injected type mold with individual cavities. Can anyone shed some light on how I might overcome this? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  14. Hello, Does anyone know who makes a bait similar to a Zoom Magnum Shakey Head? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!
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