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  1. -mostly a waterskeeter kick boat -if I have to walk far a regular float tube -if I have to walk real far my shoes -on tourament day a bassboat (probably the days I enjoy the least)!
  2. Looks like you just missed all the fun!
  3. sloegoe

    new membr

    I've got 1 in that color but I think it's smaller than the one in the picture, if I find some I'll let you know.
  4. sloegoe

    what type of line

    I've used power pro in many tests, I forget what the max test is. I used to flip hair raisers in the bridge pilings of the San Mateo Bridge in S.F. bay for stripers. I remember being very pleased with whatever that test was and it was HIGH.
  5. I'm having a hard time keeping the mold, master and relief all straight. You're going to make a master out of clay then cast over it with let's say a plaster of some kind, then take the clay out of the plaster (durahms) and coat it with laquer or the like.( you can and I do make slight adjustments to the mold with a dremel before you coat.) Then we can make multiple copies of that master with this mold. You can use Rtv or plastic worm material for this. Take these "6" copies and glue them to a peice of glass and build a dam around them. Then cast them out of whatever material you want. You're done. Ithink redg8r was then saying you can make a relief of your 6 worm mold by building a dam around your mold and casting that out of RTV so you can easily make new 6 worm molds. any quick Q's (sloegoe@sbcglobal.net)
  6. sloegoe

    PVC sheets

    I was also interested in using something other than wood, I've heard of people using the PVC board but I couldn't find any. Anybody know where I could get some?
  7. Savacs, I too have stumbled on to that same idea offered to me my a TU member. The hardest part of the bondo mold for me was getting the clay flat and sitting against the centerline. You can try and put the bait back together after you're done with the first side of the mold then pour your second side instead of building two boxes. -Slogoe.
  8. Hey Mojo, all I know is that's $410,000, That's about 25,000 sweetbeaver molds, man that's alot of beaver! I think TU handpourers could keep up with prodution on a budget like that. My girlfriend pours my baits for me so I get all the SWEETBEAVER I can handle -sloegoe
  9. sloegoe

    Deep Cranks ?

    I've made many Cranks that can go that deep. You really have to be precise when making an oversized bill, if it is not perfectly square to the bait you will never get it to run true. You will also need to add a substantial belly weight near the nose of the bait to get that sucker pointed down, and you better have this positioned and balanced perfectly also. There are some tutoials that will add much more to this topic, do some searching on this site under tutorials, look especially at the one on making you own lexan lip, the one on adding belly weight, and mabye the Bomber tutorial, there is also a great one on balancing a bait with a model airplane prop balancer here somewhere, this will get you started. You may also have to use a heavier wood than Balsa to support all the added weight over time. Just my opinion. Sloegoe.
  10. I totally second redg8r advice and I would recommend using clay for your master like sculpey then coat it to gloss the finish. With an RTV you are looking at even more resiliense than the actual plastic worm so you will have no problem getting it out. -sloegoe
  11. Mabye you are right about Andre and his bussiness. This was just some hearsay at Waltons' Pond in CA, where he's been ordering baits every other day and been told that productions' not going to be able to keep up with demand, at last count they were putting out 1/10 of the orders.
  12. sloegoe

    new membr

    I was just joking around with the FOB comment, we are all brothers here! I actually have two of those baits one is the magnum the other is a bit smaller. I forget what color they are, but both are in crawdad, I do believe one is ghost craw. They are out of the package but they are both brand new. Sportmart a store near my house was selling them for $3. I tried to put up a picture but my camera won't work. If you want them you can have them, just give me an address. sloegoe. -Send me a picture of the one you want and I will see if it's the same! sloegoe@sbcglobal.net
  13. thanks guys, great info as usual, all those techniques will be put into use today.-sloegoe
  14. I heard the same thing from a shop owner who told me that the owner did it as a small bussiness/hobby, when his beaver got hot the demand gave him cold feet.He didn't close up shop though, he just wanted to keep production #'s the same, the lack of supply got a lot of people thinking he closed shop. Who would figure that? -sloegoe.
  15. sloegoe

    new membr

    Hey, you're a FOB! nice fish! I guess over here we don't think much about the fishing in that region, I think your point of veiw would be refreshing and well appreciated FOB. It looks like you have to reel in those fish a little faster. Welcome -sloegoe.
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