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  1. Fatfingers Flatshad

    Thanks, guys
  2. Fatfingers Flatshad

    7 inch musky/pike crank Three custom blended pearls. Gold micro scale on the belly with a shot of candy red under the gill area.
  3. PVC Musky Glide Bait

    This may have been mentioned... You can also drill a hole big enough for a 1/4 or 3/8 inch oak dowel rod, glue the dowel rod in, cut it flush and then glue the screw eye into the dowel.
  4. Cedar squarebill

    You faded those stripes down the sides PERFECTLY! Beautiful work.
  5. 1.5 cedar squarebill

    You have an amazing eye for color. Beautiful work.
  6. Fatfingers Flatshad

    Thanks. Not through-wired.
  7. Fatfingers Flatshad

    Green tod gold pearl over a faint bluish pearl base coat. Trolls well at speed. Dives deep. It likes long walks on the beach and early Beach Boys music.
  8. Cedar squarebills9.jpg

    I could reach for any one of these and catch fish . Super clean.
  9. 6 inch cedar perch

    Beautiful work. I love the gill plates.
  10. Cedar squarebills

    I knew that was yours the moment I laid eyes on it. It's perfect.
  11. Fatfingers crank bait

    Thanks, you guys. This one was fun to make.
  12. Fatfingers crank bait

    5 1/2 inch musky crank
  13. 14 inch cedar musky bait

    Perfectly executed from front to back. Beautiful.
  14. Tester Paints

    I've used the stuff for about 12 years, but only for certain colors. I primarily use urethanes. Ive had no issues with it reacting with epoxy clears or the urethane. It does provide access to a few interesting colors, with the only downside being that when purchased in such small quantities, it winds up costing about 80 trillion dollars a gallon. If you're used to the water based paints, the enamels and urethanes will be a brave new world for you as a far a speed, coverage, easier fades, and the lack of the need to heat set. They can be easily controlled as far as thinning with medium reducer. Clean up is with lacquer thinner, which is a deal breaker for guys used to the water based stuff. You must have a solid paint booth system with adequate ventilation and/or a mask, so usually this idea falls on deaf ears. Ive also use both water base and urethanes on rare occasions, but only with a coat of epoxy in between them. A coat of Intercoat clear also works if properly applied.
  15. 7 inch crank

    I use a variety of materials for special effects, including foils, papers, glitter, pearls, etc. Also certain paints used in combination either various base coats can prods a variety of hues and effects.