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  1. kbkindle

    Fisheye Eliminator Use?

    I have not uses marson products, but any fish eye eliminator i have used sure did not add gloss mine where less glossy when i have this problem i try to find out where i got wax , or oil from. that gave me fisheyes. I like to do anything but use a fisheye eliminator KEN
  2. kbkindle

    marbling kits

    thank you guys for your help it sure helped me a lot thanks again kb:yay:
  3. kbkindle

    marbling kits

    does anyone know where i can buy a diamondite marbling kit looking for the kit that has 8 colors wanting the purple pigment the worst thank kb
  4. kbkindle

    Lure Drying.

    dean was correct on the first half of his reply kb:whistle:
  5. kbkindle

    Oscillaing Spindle Sander

    man is that a great idea never gave that a thought you can eliminate one tool with that set up. could not get the idea of the belt oscaliting. but i see how the put on the spindles on sander i have a spindle sander from roybi and its going bad that tool would be the one to buy thank you ken kindle
  6. kbkindle

    Oscillaing Spindle Sander

    kb here i woukd like to see a pic of a oscillating belt sander i have never seen one. i dont have a clue how that would work
  7. kbkindle

    kb and two more handles

    you are not kidding about the second handle it is made from ebony wood i believe if you caught a aligator you could club him to death that ebony is tough and HEAVY
  8. i have two more to show and thats all wont bother you guys with more pics. thanks for looking kb:yawn:
  9. have not been doing much had some bad health issues but ia'm as good as a 73 year old can be .honest have missed talking to you guys i have made a few wood rod handles when i was feeling better going to make some more this winter i will be talking to you guys more often sorry but you did not get rid of me kb:yay:
  10. kbkindle

    buzzbaits 1/8oz

    kb i would like the 1/8oz head. i can paint and make my skirts but will do it any way you would like to. not that big of a hurry take your time when ever you get them done let me know and ill git you the money. and i do thank you ken
  11. kbkindle

    buzzbaits 1/8oz

    kb looking for two wire frames with one blade each. sorry it took so long to get back ken kindle
  12. kbkindle

    buzzbaits 1/8oz

    ken kindle here looking for some one to make me 6---1/8oz tandum blades buzzbaits cant seem to find any co that makes them would there be anybody interested in making a few thanks ken kindle kb
  13. kbkindle

    kb newest wood rod handles

    i do both on old rods or i do blanks i dont put any taper on the handles about every inch on rod blank i put some masking tape on rod and fill the spaces in between with rod bond resin kb just put enough tape to make it tight to sides of wood handle. i know that's not a very good way to explain but its the best i know kb
  14. kbkere here is all the wood rod handles i have made so far have been fishing a lot 2or 3 days a week thats a lot for a fat old man have been useing the rod with the feather in it works great its popular wood lighter in weight than cork and dont slip when wet the one thing i hate about it i have not caught a fish with that rod kb