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  1. Let me know if you figure it out? I tried several different ways and most are failures. Allen
  2. Looking for the wire like on this bait. Allen
  3. Anyone know of any wire manufacturers besides Mustang? Allen
  4. Eye is just a little too big to fit the mold with the the 5/0. You could easily modify it though if you want to use that hook. Yes that is a VMC hook (have to find the pack to see what model number) which I like better than the Mustad 91768. The VMC runs larger in these hooks as a size 1/0 is the same size or slightly bigger than the Mustad 2/0. Another thing is the gap is not as wide but these work really well for weighted swimbait hooks. Allen
  5. The 32724 5/0 does not fit but the mold could easily be modified to work. The VMC 30 degee 1/0 does fit in the 1/8ozand bigger cavities though if you are looking for another hook. Allen
  6. I have that mold and some 5/0 32724's so I can check. Allen
  7. Wish I would have seen this earlier as I just ordered $200 worth of stuff. Allen
  8. Anyone know where I can get the little wires that Phenix and Picasso use to connect the blades to their chatterbaits? I checked with Mark at Mustang wire and he doesn't have them. Allen
  9. There isn't much difference between the two and 97% of people cannot tell them apart. If you just want a few to try I can send you some? I have at least 900 of them right now. Allen
  10. Not sure then but I did get some from one of those places? I by mine from Shorty's by the thousands now. Allen
  11. Here is a comparison on the two hooks I use the most. Top hook is the EC in 5/0, bottom is the Gamakatsu 345 in 4/0. Gamakatsu has a wider gap and is thicker while the EC is longer. Allen
  12. I think I still have some that I bought long ago from someone on here. Let me see if I can find them tomorrow. Allen
  13. L2724 is the model number, you can also bend hooks to 30 degrees. Allen
  14. The Mustad you mentioned is the light wire one you are looking for. I would suggest you try the Eagle Claw one as well. The Gamakatsu he uses is a custom hook and the only way you can get them is buy 50k of them. Allen
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