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  1. Munkin

    Jig Skirt Recipe Help Please

    That is a Skirts Plus skirt so go to their page to look for the colors. Allen
  2. Munkin

    Tube jig mold

    One of the easiest and best pouring molds I have ever used. Buy the rattles from as they have the cheapest price. Allen
  3. Munkin

    All purpose/grass jig

    Weedless casting jig and I cannot recommend the new Gamakatsu 30 degree hooks enough. Allen
  4. Munkin

    Experienced Spin Caster

    What model would anyone recommend? I found some new top loaders for like $3500 but not sure what to buy. Allen
  5. Munkin

    Poison tail hook help

    Look into the 35 degree Gamakatsu hooks that are for sale on ebay. These fit in the 30 degree mold and the gap is bigger than a normal 5/0 hook. Besides that Mustad was making some 6/0 hooks but I cannot remember the model number. Allen
  6. Munkin

    Getting company logos on lures?

    Lakeland can make them, I had them make me a blade stamp and it cost $280 but that was like 10 years ago. Allen
  7. Munkin

    Trapper jig hooks

    I have seen them around but have not tried them yet? Looks gimmicky to me but I may try some. Allen
  8. Munkin

    Bulk powder paint

    Columbia coatings is where I bought most of mine. Otherwise ebay from someone selling powder by the pound. Cadman has some good green pumkin for a good price as well. Allen
  9. Munkin

    Poison tail hook help

    They do not make one that I am aware of but how is the 5/0 not big enough? Allen
  10. Munkin

    How to wrap jigs with Guido Hibdon

    Thank you for posting this as I was always a fan of his. Now I have been making jigs for about 15 years and never though of that trick with the weedguard. That has to be one of the most useful tips ever for making jigs. Allen
  11. Munkin

    Bullet Weight Mold

    Have you looked into just buying them in bulk from Cast Industries? I like pouring most of my own lead but these just are not worth my time. Come to think of it somewhere I have an old 1/4oz bullet weight mold. It is solid metal to include the handles but I do not have any pull pins. If I can find it I would let it go for $10 plus shipping. Allen
  12. Munkin

    Swimbait mold

    Looks like a Big Bites baits bait and you can try contacting them. Allen
  13. Munkin

    How do i make this color

    Trial and error unless you can specify a particular color from a manufacturer. Looks like I would start with some clear and mix yellow and .015 silver metallic flake until happy with the results. Allen
  14. Munkin

    Power Hawg

    They sell the powerbait scent as far as I know. Did they discontinue the Berkley Power Hawg? Allen
  15. Munkin

    Which urethane

    What is AC135 and where can I get some? Allen