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  1. Interesting, I have used the straight shank Owner worm hooks before but never thought of using these? Allen
  2. 2/0 on the ones I have. Allen
  3. Thanks for the offer but I went ahead and just bought one of the molds off Ebay. Allen
  4. Spincast machine and vulcanizer arrived Monday, lead pot came today. I have some silicone on order along with some other supplies. Still need to find some of those metal gate former discs. Allen
  5. Not really sure what happened unless the original had a lot of tin in it? Hard lead used for spincasting is lighter but only like 5%. Allen
  6. Just looked up the weighted hook mold. I have this one and have been using VMC 30 degree EWG hooks with this one. Let me find the model number. Allen
  7. Not sure about the other mold but they do fit the casting jig mold. Allen
  8. Thanks for the offer, I have the Do-It ones and the Shawn Collins one with rattles. Hoping to find some Collins ones to use as spincast masters. Allen
  9. Anyone on here that has one that can pour me some heads? I have the rattle head one but I need some regular heads poured and don't feel like buying $350 worth of molds to get 50 jigheads. Allen
  10. Gamakatsu 345 that lurepartsonline sells is the best I have used. Never tried the Eagle Claw ones. Allen
  11. You are getting too much paint on the jigs if you are getting dripping or nipples. Allen
  12. Tried an engraver on some lead heads and it just isn't steady enough. Guess I will have to try some clay for masters. Allen
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