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  1. Anyone know where I can buy some clam shells for 3.8" Keitech style swim baits? Ideally I would like ones like SK uses but will take anything right now. Allen
  2. Lurecraft sells one with a 30 degree flat eye Owner. Allen
  3. Anyone know where I can buy some? Someone was selling them but the post disappeared. Allen
  4. Can I just mix say a lb of bismuth with 10lbs of soft to make it harder? Allen
  5. Let me know if you find some for sale. Allen
  6. Have a lot of money set aside! He quoted me $4500 to 6500 for a mold. Allen
  7. I would use a metal bead behind the clevic. Metal rotating on plastic will cause problems. Allen
  8. They are no longer for sale on his site. Allen
  9. Is the wire different as well? The ones I have are matte black but yours looks like black nickel. Allen
  10. I have a few and the digital caliper says. 035. Now everyone says they are lighter but the 5 I have are all the same. On another note you will have to cut down both arms of any frame you buy. I made a couple of them but haven't painted them yet. Allen
  11. I use Super Glue GEL to glue the weedguards in after painting. The only one that ever came out way on a 40+" Tiger Musky that also dislodged the lead around the hook. Allen
  12. Munkin

    Screw-locs, Swivels & Keepers

    Are the wire keepers the same length as the Do-It ones?
  13. I would like to find where to buy both of those hooks.
  14. You haven't modified one yet? Must be slacking lately. Allen
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