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  1. https://www.lurecraft.com/SUPER-HI-LITE/products/17/ Mike they make a turquoise highlight powder. I have no idea what it looks like but I do use the blue powder for white baits to give them the pearl blue glimmer look. Allen
  2. Could it be a Cabela's house brand bait? Allen
  3. Facebook is a joke with custom baits period. Like you said everyone that has been painting for 15 minutes is spraying the same Chinese blanks. Jigs and spinnerbaits are the same way with some being just a BOSS pre-made skirt on a BOSS jighead.I use to pick up some decent lures from the Fishing Flea Market and Bass Baits Buy and Barter. Now they are just flooded by 500 different guys trying to sell the same thing and fighting each other for scraps. Go onto one of those pages I mention and post you are looking to have some crankbaits painted and see how many replies you get, Allen
  4. Then the wire frame does not fit at all. I have moved on to other projects now and will revisit this in the future. Allen
  5. Turn down the pot temperature as lead melts at like 650 and tin is 400ish? Allen
  6. The matte black Owner hooks rust quicker than any hook I have ever used. That being said they are the cutting point ones which are the sharpest hooks I have ever used. For what they cost it is very disappointing to open your jig box up to find out they have rusted. Allen
  7. I had the same problem so now I just use the BOSS ones from fishing skirts.com. Allen
  8. Smalljaw has all the skirt material catalogs memorized. Allen
  9. Bump because I am interested in the answer. Allen
  10. Lurecraft would be the best place to look. Allen
  11. Interested so contact me. Allen
  12. Thanks and it reminds me of the 9 line medivac with is slightly more important that the call for fire. Allen
  13. Munkin

    Centrigugal casting machine

    Is this still available?
  14. Paid $15 for this at a tackle swap meet so I am not out much either way. I will see what I feel like doing in the next week whether it gets the Dremel or sold. Allen
  15. The hook point falls into the area that is the flat part of the mold. Looking at it I will have to Dremel the shit out of the mold, pour straight wires, or really bend out the frames and pour upside down. Allen
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