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  1. This is the guy you want to talk to about modifying Do-It molds. I doubt he owns one that isn't modified in some way. Allen
  2. A 5oz bird cannot carry a 1lb coconut!
  3. Heavy wire version of my swim jig head and a head I am switching barb/collar on. Allen
  4. Slightly bending them or my fingernail has been working for years. Allen
  5. Munkin

    Custom hook?

    I know you have them on speed dial for hooks. Tell them to make me a 29 degree straight eye hook in .052 -.055 with a limerick bend in black nickel (I will give them the exact specs). Allen
  6. Munkin

    Custom hook?

    I can't be the first guy to try this? Allen
  7. Munkin

    Custom hook?

    Can one of your boys Valentín and François at VMC make them for me. Allen
  8. Munkin

    Custom hook?

    Just purchased 56k hooks last week so I am fine if I have to buy 10k of them. Allen
  9. Munkin

    Custom hook?

    Anyone have any contact about getting a custom hook made? Gamakatsu, Eagle Claw, or VMC would work since I like all three of those. Allen
  10. Make sure they fit prior to buying a lot of them. They have a shorter eye leg than most hooks from what I remember. Allen
  11. https://barlowstackle.com/Mustad-Jig-Hooks-Style-32833NP-BN-P394/ These should work but I don't know what size you need? Allen
  12. Have you checked with Zorn? Since he makes the molds he should be able to tell you if any are for sale? Allen
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