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  1. Munkin

    Tungsten/Epoxy jigheads

    So spinnerbait and most jigheads made of tungsten in two parts like the two halves of a through wire crankbait. The hooks and wire are then added and like you said they somehow fuse them together. The Keitech ones are different as they are a mixture of powdered tungsten with epoxy. If you hold a Keitech head they feel plastic instead of metal. I know they are not a solid piece of metal as I have chipped chunks out of them hitting pilings. Allen
  2. Munkin

    Tungsten/Epoxy jigheads

    I will say that I pour my own flukes and like them to sink quickly. Tungsten powder is great for this purpose as long as I remember to not try and re-melt the old baits. Allen
  3. Munkin

    Tungsten/Epoxy jigheads

    Poured this in my Do-It mold as a test case actually. Problem is the tungsten to epoxy ratio has to be really high to get the desired density. Such ratios do not pour very well so I am guessing Keitech has some sort of high pressure injection machine. Allen
  4. Munkin

    Tungsten/Epoxy jigheads

    free image host So, to not hijack the titanium wire thread anymore I figured I would start another thread on tungsten. Here is a pic of a tungsten shakeyhead that I made using sithered tungsten powder and epoxy with some Lure Craft GP for the GP color. Tried to duplicate the Keitech jigheads but I cannot get the density correct. Allen
  5. Munkin

    titanium spinner bait wire

    What about the Keitech heads. Allen
  6. Munkin

    Jig mold decisions

    Besides the hook look into using a stiffer weedguard as I bet it is weakening more than the hook after a few fish. They make several weights and most jigs just use the medium ones so try a heavy. As far as hooks personally I like a Gamakatsu 594 60degree 4/0 hook and use a 7-1 H with 20lb Floro. The only time I have bent one of these hooks was on a railroad tie the was sunk. Like Cadman I don't understand how people are bending out hooks unless they are fishing tackle that isn't balanced. Allen
  7. Munkin

    titanium spinner bait wire

    Been there, done that! Cannot figure out how to get enough sithered tungsten into the epoxy to get the correct weight. They do like nice but you are right sithered tungsten is like $40lb. It does work well for hand poured flukes that I want to sink quickly though. Allen
  8. Munkin

    titanium spinner bait wire

    They use to make a soft titanium wire spinnerbait head until Terminator shut them down. It does not act like snap back titanium wire nor steel it is a whole different animal. I have some of the 3/8oz heads around here I bought years ago for like $3 each. Let me see if I can locate them and I will post a pic. Allen
  9. Munkin


    Interested in some, can you post a pic of the different blades beside a quarter so I can see the sizes. Allen
  10. Munkin

    Goby Head Vibrating Jig

    What hooks are you breaking? I found that the Mustad 32886 break way to often. Try the Gama 345 swim jig hooks from LurePartsOnline as they are sharper and don't break. Allen
  11. Munkin

    ghost blade clevis size

    I have had trouble using a plastic blade on the front as well. They work really good as a single Colorado for helicoptering when you kill the bait. Metal blades barely spin but the weight of the bait really makes the plastic spin on the way down. Allen
  12. Munkin

    Beefed Up Finesse Jig Search and Old School Rubber

    Let me know if you need some heads as I found a few 3/8oz poured on 3/0 Gamakatsu 594 hooks tonight in my basement. I can paint them brown and you can tie them yourself. Allen
  13. Munkin

    Crankbaits Holographic Scales

    Not sure where to find it but this is what you are looking for. Allen
  14. Munkin

    Crankbaits Holographic Scales

    Here is an old thread about them that maybe helpful. Allen
  15. Munkin

    Crankbaits Holographic Scales

    Can't remember where I saw these but they were sold as MS scales. Allen