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  1. Munkin

    28-30 degree jig hook 6/0-8/0 options?

    I have looked around and all I can find are 5/0. Could you bend the 32786 hooks? Those are made up to 8/0. Allen
  2. Munkin

    28-30 degree jig hook 6/0-8/0 options? Have you looked into these? Allen
  3. Munkin

    Sohumi Hooks???

    Matzuo hooks have the worst quality control of any hook period. It isn't uncommon to have 15% of the hooks that are unusable. Allen
  4. Munkin

    Mold Maker

    I think they were called Hi-Tech molds or something similar? Allen
  5. Munkin

    Split rings for #2 spinnerbait swivels

    I have had trouble with the Worth rings myself. The swivels are great but the rings blow out for me when putting on blades. Allen
  6. Munkin

    Heavy tube jig mold

    2oz tube heads, are you fishing for smallies at Challenger Deep? Allen
  7. Munkin

    Heavy tube jig mold

    Shawn Collins makes one, look for cnc works on ebay. Allen
  8. Munkin

    G Man Balling Out Jig

    This is my favorite mold as I have made so many Eakins style jigs with it. Mine takes straighteye hooks now thanks to a Dremel. Allen
  9. Munkin

    gold plating

    They sell small DIY plating kits that I think are meant for jewery. I was looking into them at one time in order to do black nickel chatterbait blades. Allen
  10. Munkin

    Bladed Jig head recommendation ???

    I use the Sparkie head for mine. Allen
  11. Munkin

    Mustad #32893 hook

    Looked and I am out. Allen
  12. Munkin

    Spraying powder paint!

    I have never had a problem with this personally. The only problem I have had is certain top coats make chartreuse powder painted baits turn orange. Allen
  13. Munkin

    gold plating

    I looked on Lakelands website and it specifically says they sell gold plated spoons a spinner blades. Allen
  14. Munkin

    gold plating

    Check with Lakeland as they sell them. Allen
  15. Munkin

    Bass Jig Rattles

    For the pressured areas I fish rattles do not matter 95% of the time. Honestly rattleless baits work better which includes crankbaits. Now these areas are clear to stained water clarity which makes a difference. Allen