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  1. I gave up and bought a ladle to pour with out of frustration. Tired of spending more time cleaning the pot than pouring baits. Allen
  2. Only thing I have to add to this is those baits look great. Allen
  3. Here are two baits from the same mold manufacturer that I shot last night. Plastic was a mixture of some green from the same injector shot. As you can see one is shiny while the other is dull since I did not spray the mold. Personally I am liking the matte color so I will shoot the rest of that cup in that mold. Allen
  4. I have some I could trade but they are all basic colors. Allen
  5. BOSS stuff works but they are expensive where as Columbia is like $15/lb. Allen
  6. They sell it by the pound and I have been using it on my jigs for years. Allen
  7. https://www.columbiacoatings.com/products/powders/textures-veins I think this is what you are looking for. Allen
  8. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Soft-Plastic-Lure-Bait-Mold-DIY-Zander-Pro-Swimbait-Shad-Bugmolds/192427171360?hash=item2ccd8d9e20:m:mJ2D_C34xA28PX50hhLkZ0w:rk:53:pf:0 I have a few of these and they come out dull if that bothers you like Mark said spray with PAM. Aluminum are nicer but if you are only making a few baits for personal use these are a lot cheaper. Allen
  9. What size spincast mold do you use for say 1/2oz spinnerbaits? Will 12" work or does it have to be 15". Allen
  10. I had this happen once before and it was some contaminant in the lead. Allen
  11. By the look of that jig it is not from a Do-It mold as the collar and barb are wrong. That mold is either a spincast one or I would guess a Shawn Collins custom. Check eBay for CNC works or something like that for Shawn Collins molds as that is the name he go by there. Otherwise look into Cast Industries as they spincast heads. Allen
  12. Who sells that mold? Allen
  13. Found that out the hard way myself. Allen
  14. https://www.picassooutdoors.com/Picasso_Spinnerbaits_Willow_Indiana_p/psb-wi.htm By the looks of this I would say it is a size 6 maybe 7. Allen
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