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  1. AaronM

    Trolling a lure

    Hi, I just bought a kayak. The other day, I was trolling with a lure hanging out the back and caught a nice largemouth. I was really excited! Does anyone have any tips for trolling a hard bait?
  2. AaronM

    Fun Time Fishing On My New Kayak!

    Thank you for the links! I will have to check those out! -Aaron
  3. AaronM

    Fun Time Fishing On My New Kayak!

    Thanks for the reply! It sure was a blast. I always wear my lifejacket. It is a cool one too, lol. I use it when I go water skiing. The kayak is a bit less stable than the dock, lol. Thanks for looking out for me !
  4. Hi, I bought my first kayak the other day. I decided to start off with a little cheap one and work my way up. I purchased it on sale at Dunham's Sporting Goods. It was normally $300, but it was on sale for $200. I bought it right up. It is a coleman and is 10' long. I usually fish off a dock, but the space that you can fish in is extremely limited compared to the large lake. The lake is called Lake Macatawa and is an inland lake off of Lake Michigan. The lake is about 100 yards from my house, so I lugged my little kayak on there. I loaded up the kayak with my fishing pole, life jacket, tackle box, and sandals. I was all ready to go. I put the fishing pole up inside the kayak and went off. I stopped a couple times to fish, but I didn't catch anything. On the way back, I got smart, lol. I attached the fishing pole to lay behind me going out the back with about 15' of line into the water. I had a little Rapala on it (my homemade lures don't work right yet). I was just chugging along and forgot about the fishing pole being attached with clips behind me. The sun was setting and the water was glass. I was about 100 yards from the beach I took off of. Then BAM! My fishing pole yanked over to one side. I though I snagged some weeds. I unhooked it and reeled in to my surprise a nice 15" large mouth. I put the lure back in the water and casted a few times with no luck. I attached the pole to the back of the kayak again and starting paddling. I heard a little twitch, so I reeled in the lure and found a little fish that was about 4" long. I laughed at the fact that my lure was about 2" long. It had a small mouth and all three treble hooks were stuck in his mouth. I got him off and attached the rod again to the back and started paddling. About 10 seconds later BAM! I had another large mouth that was about 13" long. It was getting dark and I didn't want my parents to worry about me so I couldn't stay and fish longer. I wish I would've! It was very fun! I can't wait until I can make a lure that has great action that I can catch a fish with. Have a great day! Aaron
  5. Hey! I finished my first five lures the other day. I went to test them out at the lake. Well, the first two didn't even go under water. They just flopped over and flew across the surface. I looked over the lures and looked on this forum and learned that my lures were top heavy. I also did not weight any of my lures. One of the other lures went under water, but the action was all over the place, haha. I looked this one over and I believe I put my pulling loop in a bad place. I need to move it closer to the body I believe. The other two lures submerged, but had little action. I guess you weren't kidding when I read that making lures is a lot of trial an error. I learned a lot from making these lures! I definitely need to weight them, place my pull loop at the best distance from the lip tip, place my hook loops dead center, and make sure my lips are completely symmetrical. I sort of rushed through those first lures. I am going to really take my time on my next one. Hopefully I can get all the bugs out and make a kick butt lure that all those fish will be craving! I have learned so much from these forums all ready! Although my first attempts were mostly failures, I did learn a lot about lure making! Perfection takes time! I did, however, almost catch a fish on a homemade lure when I tested them out! I was using my photo-finish mino that is about three inches long and I had a little sunfish on it, haha. But, it hopped off because I didn't set the hook properly. I thought that the lure was a little large for a pumpkin seed! Maybe I snagged it...who knows! I can't wait until I catch my first fish on my own lure! Have a great day!! Aaron
  6. AaronM

    Wood Lips?

    Hi, I have seen that most people use lexan for the lips or whatever they are called. Why doesn't anyone use wood. I just completed my first five lures and I used thin plywood (about 3/32" thick) to make the lips and I covered them with all the sealers, paint, and epoxy just like the body. Is there something that I don't know? Are my wood lips not the way to go? I was just wondering if I should purchase some lexan, lol. Thanks! Aaron
  7. AaronM

    Best lures for bass fishing

    HI! I just made my first five lures! This is great fun! I think I am an addict! My first one was a complete disaster. My next four were a lot better. I tried one with a photo-finish...it is freakin' awesome!!! I can't wait to fish with it. My main question is about Bass lures. What design and paint scheme work best for catching bass in murky waters (2'-8' depth). I would love to catch a nice bass on a home-made lure! My friend thinks that I am crazy, but I want to prove him wrong! I plan on going fishing on Saturday. Hopefully I will catch my first fish on my own lure! Have a great day! Aaron