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  1. BB

    A (little) Blades and Baits

    good job little man.
  2. any more good freebies?
  3. thanks i will check it out.
  4. BB

    buying thicker Lexan

    the only place i found it was also at home depot.they did not have much to pick cheeshead said i went to a few other places and they told me plexiglass was the same as lexan.i found out the hard way it is not. i would imagine lexan is made in stiffer grades for some applications.but you might need to call the manufacturer to find out about that.
  5. BB

    Posting Pics

    i had the same problem posting pic,s in the lure has something to do with pixels i think.try scanning the pic in a low resolution.that might work. i posted a pic in the forum hard bait area without any problems.its just that lure area that gives me trouble
  6. BB

    lip finishing

    thanks i will read up on that.
  7. i use the photobucket .but its full. anyway i found a free web hosting site called 50 megabit.what do you think of that one?
  8. BB

    lip finishing

    i have been using a cutoff wheel on a dremel tool to cut my crank lips.but it leaves allot of melted plastic on the edges. my question is how do i Polish the sides of the lip.and is there a better tool to cut the lips with.thanks guys.
  9. BB

    what happened to finn-nor reels?

    that is a sham.i did hear they were thinking of making there rods and reels in china.if that is true i will not order from them if they do start manufacturing again. my best spinning reel was an Ahab made by them.its about 7 years old and cost about 100 back then.but its solid as a rock and i fish 3 or 4 times a week .its the best reel i ever owned. i have try'd calling them a few times last year.but just get the run around
  10. they were sold last year and where supposed to start production last summer.but there still not into production yet.there web site has remand up but you can only order parts from it.they made excellent reels.if you have any info fill me in.thanks Gary
  11. no advise from this green horn.but it sounds like a nice lure.
  12. i want to add all my fishing pics i have allot.and maybe add fishing tips if the site has the space for that. any good free sites out there? thanks Gary
  13. BB

    my first few lures

    actually i gave that lure to a smallmount fisherman.he said it would work great for them.on the big Susquehanna river in pa.i thought the lure was to big at 6" for s/m but he likes it. i just started musky fishing this summer.maybe i can make another for me to try on them.
  14. BB

    my first few lures

    i cant figure out how to post them in the photo section.but these are the first spray can lures i made in the summer.the spook didn't work out it walked the dog 4" under water.the torpedo has a run in it.but its just a test lure.hopefully i will have something nice soon.
  15. BB

    new baits

    wow all very nice lures