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    Lurebuilding, pike fishing and re-painting.
  1. Jio

    Fat-T Lota-lota.

    Thanks, I hope my wife don't need her strings for a while!
  2. Jio

    Fat-T Lota-lota.

    This is 5"/3 oz. glider for my mate.

    © Jio

  3. Jio


    This is my first paddle tail jerkbait.
  4. Jio

    Longer Top-T

    Here's my color testing for my (longer) Top-T blank.

    © http://www.obblers.com/

  5. Jio

    Space Long-T

    It's some cheap glitter from hobby shop. I drop it on the wet lacque.
  6. Jio

    Oak glider

    I found this old blank from my scrap box. It's ca, 18 cm long and 125 gr weight.

    © http://www.obblers.com/

  7. Jio

    HPK glider

    I built this glider from the birch wood. It's ca. 20 cm long and 120 gr weight.

    © http://www.obblers.com/

  8. Jio

    Fat-T "roach".

    Thanks, mate!
  9. Jio


    here's couple of gliders for a pikes in the archipelago of the Gulf of Finland.
  10. Jio


    I built this Long-T glider for a mate who want it for a old Storm-color.
  11. Jio

    Fat-T "roach".

    This is my short "fat" glider, ca. 5" and 3 oz.
  12. Jio


    Here's my latest, but unfinished, Trou-T gliders ca. 3.5" and 1 oz.. Seven of these are painted for orders favorite colors. https://www.facebook.com/Obblers
  13. Jio

    Gold Brother spinnerbait

    It was just a test, I noticed later I have make it better (and stronger) for a newer ones.
  14. Jio

    3 x Trou-T

    I build these first for my mate who want some small glider, without belly treble, for seatrout fishing. Those have great zig-zag action and wobble nice when they fall down. Here's no season for seatrout right now, so people catches perch and pikes by those.
  15. Jio

    Gold Brother spinnerbait

    Well, I've been thinking if I start to build these too. I still need a mold for bigger head. These spinnerbaits were very good in spring for pikes in the shallow water and grass. They work there where I couldn't cast my gliders, ha-ha!
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