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  1. Hi, these are 3D roach 20cm and real eel 30cm, swimbaits for sure, made with medium plastisol
  2. any idea of the best mix: THF + Cyclohexanone + PVC glue? and what would be the best paint to give color? thanks for helping
  3. I'm not so sure, createx paint would probably bond and adhere if mixed with proper solvant.
  4. My concern is almost price, i think the "base" to make a homemade paint is PVC cleaner (about 10 usd a liter), MEK, pvc glue and??? i guess you can make about 3 liters of paint for 30 usd, and you just get 4 fl oz for 10 usd (without shipping), just have to get "the formula"...
  5. well, just because spike it is not available oversea, and also , may be some formula are better than spike it because they don't have to be coated, it also allows to make your own colors, for a much better price
  6. i think there is a way to make your own soft lure paint, i have seen some painted soft lure with homemade paint and the result is really great, but no one gives his formula, but i kn ow it's possible to do with market products, just have to know how to do it. I'm very surprise that there is no post about homemade paint for soft lure on this forum, there is tons of tutorial but not about paint
  7. Hello everyone, i'm looking for water based paint such as lureworks paint, may be there is another brand, i've only seen this products: http://www.ispikeit.com/Store/c-97-colure-coat2o-water-based-soft-plastic-paint.aspx , unfortunatly shipping cost to france is way too far expensive: 92 usd at "checkout", so i was wondering if any of you knows where i can get this kind of product at lower shipping cost, with usps airmail for exemple, or if any member can buy some for me and ship it to me, i will of course cover cost+shipping+handling, thank you for your help, best regards, Eric.
  8. i've just tested my version, the original does not swim at slow speed, it needs a quick retrieve to swim, mine is just ... perfect, it swims at a very slow speed
  9. Not yet available , here in France, but yet in my box: here is my first pour, just out of the mold:
  10. rico.29

    Minnow fly

    sorry for the background, it's "Astérix et Obélix" i will try to do better next time ; )
  11. rico.29

    Minnow fly

    Just a little minnow , this imitation do the job on seabass overhere. make me think of a little mackrel

    © eric

  12. Hello, thank you for your comment, it's hand poured, the plastisol fills the mold by gravity. Making the mold was really hard to do, but i'm pleased with result ; )
  13. yes, it's only the "little" current due to water from the bath. if possible, i would like to add dimension on description crab weight is 8 gr body is 3,5 cm ( 1.4 inch) max lenght (with legs) is 9cm (3.5 inch)
  14. hi, thank you for your comments. It's a "do nothing" animation, it needs very few water movement to look "alive", i was trying it in my bathroom.
  15. rico.29

    realistic soft green crab

    pack of 4 realistic soft crab lure, handpoured, lifelike action, favourite food of many fishes as seabass... you can see videos of the incredible action : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vOvI266Yw7A these videos, speek for themselves. Body : 3,5 cm ( 1.4 inch Max lenght (including legs): 9cm ( 3.5 inch) Weight: 8gr ( 0.3 oz) this lure can be easily paint with marker to get a nice green crab.
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