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  1. Need help homemade hand injector

    I got mine on sale, with a gift card, its one hand operate and it holds over 2 cups
  2. Need help homemade hand injector

    Cabela's Jerky Gun ya Swede . After a few modifications, it works great, holds a ton of plastic
  3. Need help homemade hand injector

    my converted jerky gun
  4. Rotary molds

    vice grip welding clamps maybe, balancing could be an issue
  5. Clamping molds

  6. Soft bait for pike?

    leaders are a must, I make my own with 30# mono
  7. Soft bait for pike?

    Flukes work great, but anything you can work in an erratic fashion can work too
  8. Sharpie swimbait

    Day 6, the darker colors hung in there ok
  9. Sharpie swimbait

    Using a homemade laminate plate, I did a little experimenting with Sharpies inside the bait, waiting for the bleeding to begin
  10. Decent Gloves

    I like my nice fitting leather
  11. i remember a couple guys winning a bass tourny on Lake Powell with Bettle Spins
  12. Do-It Essential Series Plastisol

    when you put it in a jug, you can see how bad it separates
  13. Kalins Avocado

    A 4" yammy in cinnamon is a largemouth killer at Lake Powell
  14. Kalins Avocado

    Apdriver, what mold is that? I'm kinda lookin for a good grub mold
  15. Kalins Avocado