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  1. What plastic are you using?
  2. I made one from a jerky shooter, just takes a little engineering,
  3. I've heard of using an electric can opener motor, never tried it
  4. Elmers and water last forever too and it's much easier to deal with than epoxy, I just add in a little food coloring so I can see what's been coated
  5. I would definitely try warming the mold first, always try the easiest cure first
  6. the ones done right are bullet proof.
  7. I made my own molds, the one on top is the 5" Kalin, they come out alright. I had to search through my collection of originals to find enuf factory grubs that weren't dented to make the mold
  8. https://www.lurecraft.com/4-Y-Single-Tail-Grub-4-Cav-Injected-2-Pc-Alum/productinfo/5XLU-17170/ Lurecraft looks identical to yammy
  9. MF original floats really well all by itself
  10. Lurecraft mold looks like GYB
  11. I used to use epoxy, 50/50 Elmers and water is just easier to deal with in my opinion, high temp engine paint works too
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