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  1. parts of molded lures to make something totally different

    I've made molds from hybids
  2. The lies about salt for the newbie

    Pretty sure Larew started the salt craze and I can't think of anything a fish might eat that is 1/3 salt
  3. Twin tail grub mold delima

    yup, check for vents in 2nd half and don't use lube
  4. Best PoP gloss sealer?

    50/50 Elmers and water, mix in a couple drops of food coloring
  5. ?mf plastic

    It floats a 4" stick bait with a dropshot hook
  6. Senko formula

  7. Senko formula

    I've used the Hydrocal too, whatever I could get my hands on out here in the boonies. So far, I've only used silicone to make a mother mold
  8. Senko formula

    google Tufstone gypsum cement
  9. Senko formula

    I used to use epoxy, but elmers is easier to work with, very durable and you can find it anywhere. High temp engine enamel works good too
  10. Senko formula

    Elmers and water 50/50
  11. Small plastics mold

    what are you trying to make?
  12. test tube tubes I explain my method, it's so easy, I can do it

    I see what u did there

    I'll have to try that too. Is that legal?

    Anybody ever rig their swimbait upside down?