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  1. A 4" yammy in cinnamon is a largemouth killer at Lake Powell
  2. Apdriver, what mold is that? I'm kinda lookin for a good grub mold
  3. thanks
  4. I came up with the recipe for a very picky customer, aaaaaand I lost it.
  5. I read that 2 parts liquid dish soap- 1 part alcohol also works
  6. where in NY?
  7. I've had the same problem and pretty much gave up
  8. Can WD 40 be used for silicone to silicone release agent?
  9. Powerbait smells really, really bad when melted
  10. Micro bubbles or real floating plastic that nobody told me about?
  11. I recently got the 7.5 inch worm mold, shoots great, great price. patiently waiting on the 2inch swimbait mold
  12. yup, it does
  13. look around for some Hydra Stone,strongest stuff made and I think you can get it in 5 gal buckets
  14. They cut ok I guess, don't have anything to campare with. Tail cutting suck s no matter what