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  1. Back in the early 90's there was a David Fritz interview in or maybe just an article on him in Bass Master mag. He was saying there are some days when a fish won't bite a glossy finished bait. The story went he was getting skunked while fishing and finally grabbed an old crank that had been faded by the sun and the gloss was completely gone and he tied that on in "desperation" and started slaying the bass. Then he started hanging baits in his windshield to get the "sun" effect to flatten the finish. So he had glossy and flat finishes in the same colors.
  2. I think action is the most important, but if the color scheme is "wrong" it will keep fish from hitting that bait as well. Being a beginning painter I first started re-painting proven baits that never caught me fish. One in particular is a bomber 6a that was black and tomato red (color C-lector color from the mid-'80's) I've thrown that bait in every possible condition and situation and had never caught a fish on it. Re-painted it and they tore the finish up within two weeks. I still think action is most important but color will turn a fish off a bait easier than turn it on.
  3. Blades, after you posted your formula for the "sunny side up" I just had to try that pattern. I'm using the createx water based paints so needless to say the results don't come close to the crank you posted with that pattern, but it still was awesome. In fact, after I got the orange on I realized I had seen that pattern before. It was ten years ago in south Carolina while fishing at Santee Cooper. The guy said " I got something to show you". He pulled out a suspending rogue with the same pattern as what resulted in my baits and told me if I ever come across anyone with one of these buy it. He said it is worth every penny of $100.00. That's how much he had paid for his. Of course is was in pretty bad shape from all the use it had and fish he had caught on it. It was a really strange (but good) feeling of a deja-vu when I realized what that pattern is. So I just wanted to say Thanks for sharing everything about that with us. I hope someday I can return the favor, you do the most awesome paint jobs I've ever seen. Thanks again.
  4. I had the exact same problem. I talked to some artist and I think I posted the same thing. It is air leakage from the threads of the cap. Use Bee's wax. It is sold at many art supply stores. It is made and sold primarily for sealing the threads in airbrushes to prevent leakage. It is kind of expensive but a one ounce jar will last a life time. It is very solid so after smearing a little on the threads I use a hot air gun to melt it and let it flow around them. It takes a very very very small amount. If you use too much it will kind of get messy and then ya got to clean the airbrush out and start all over. I wipe a little of the residue from my fingers on the needle also and this really helps keep the tip cleaner a little longer and makes the tip easier to clean also.
  5. basstech

    Devcon help

    Well it's happened to the 6A and a Rattle trap so far, they are the ones that have gotten the most use. I do have 2 or three others that have gotten some use and caught some fish on, a mann's 15+ that I painted a craw pattern on and a rebel wee R (same craw pattern). both have caught some fish but don't seem to have gotten damaged like the 6a and the rattle trap. As for the rattle trap I did hit a rock or two with it, but not the bomber, just have hit some wood with the bomber. They all had the same cure time and was well over 24 hrs. It might have been as long as a week, but don't recall because these were the second group of 6 that I painted. The two craw pattern baits haven't caught nearly as many fish but one did get crushed by a 10 lb, channel cat. looks a little used but nothing like the bomber. That thing is literally destroyed and if I didn't know how to repaint baits would be thrown away.
  6. basstech

    Wood Sealer

    I just read a post from late 2003 or early 2004 that has that answer. It said...not my experience cause I've never done it, just repeating info. here. They said 10 plastic cups to 6oz. of lacquer thinner. It did not specify the size of cup to use, just said 10. They said to add enough cups to the thinner or thinner to the cups to get a consistency of thinned paint, and to use white cups, or plastic wear, white. the colored stuff didn't work as well for a sealer. and to dip it 2 or 3 times.
  7. basstech

    Devcon help

    I hesitate to ask this question because I've seen some of the debates and have read so many of the post regarding top coats. This is not about starting anyone off on a rant. Fist of all I will say I love the finish I get with the devcon 30 minute/2ton. Don't want to use anything else. Here is the problem I've had with the baits I've used with back round info first. These are not hand made baits. They are various manufactured baits, rebel wee R's, bomber 6A's and 7A's, wiggle warts, strike king PM3's. Mann's 15+ and stretch 10+, and rattle traps. The 6a and rattle trap have gotten a lot of used cause the fish really like them. Before use I made sure they were completely thoroughly coated dried 24+ hours and checked for any bare spots, and corrected those. I did hit some old soft wood on a lay-down on cast once or twice with the bomber and it lost a chunk. It got used quite extensively over about an eight day period, and the finish and paint job was pretty much destroyed. Is there something I may not have done right in applying the top coat. I did spin it on the drying wheel and the coat was thicker than any store bought bait I've ever seen, and it was very even. Can someone give me some pointers on how to prevent this from occurring, I know it can be done cause you all who use it and sell those baits to people wouldn't use it if it didn't work. There were some very minute small air bubbles in the finish and I tried to remove those using a hair dryer but couldn't get them all out. Could they have been what compromised the integrity of the finish? Thanks in advance for any advice anyone can give.
  8. Thanks guys for your replies. This gives me plenty to keep in mind. I will experiment with the needle adjustments and viscosity of paint and see what I can figure out. I do keep the back off just for quickness in cleaning. I spend more time cleaning than painting. just kind of anal about getting brush cleaned quickly before any thing starts to dry in it. Thanks again.
  9. I've got a scorpion II. It came with a moisture trap, no regulator, suppose to be 38psi (and probably is) but that is not working pressure. I'm guessing working pressure is somewhere between 15 and 20 p.s.i. and is barely adequate IMO. But I'm a beginner in the truest sense so what ever it's worth. I'm not painting a ton of stuff every week. It does run constantly but is fairly quiet so it doesn't bother me, plus as a said I'm not doing this everyday.
  10. I've got about 20 Poe's 400's and 15 300's that I had decided to refinish. I had read on a post about checking how a crank bait sits on the water, tilted on one side or another and forward to back. I decided to check all of mine...results on a different post. Any way, what I found was the Poe's are very inconsistently made. I'm going to guess you have too little weight in the one that doesn't even hit 7ft and that the weight is probably way off center. I would think though if it's not even making 7 ft. then the bait could not have been running straight and was probably riding up on it's side. Could you see how the bait was running in the water?
  11. Hi all, some of you may remember that I am a rookie here. In the past month I've learned a lot, but there are somethings I need feedback on. It's been my experience that when I go from a #3 tip to a #1 that not only do I need to thin the paint more, I also need to increase air pressure. I've been using createx and have found the different bottles of paint are extremely inconsistent in the viscosity. I bought a Silent-Air air compressor viper II (I think),and it is rated at 38 lbs. max. From what I am guessing I'm lucky if I'm getting 20lbs. at the tip except on the initial burst of air at which time the compressor begins running and doesn't stop until I do and the pressure drops significantly. I'm finding even when I thin my paint 2 or 3 pts. water to 1 part paint...using a #1 tip. I have to really blast it to get the brush to draw paint. If I don't keep the pressure on full the whole time the paint stops drawing, also I have to keep the tip at least 6"'s or more back from the crankbait or it gets too wet and blows, or pools up, giving me a really crappy finish. I don't have near the amount of problems using the #3 but I'm still unable to do any detail work with it. Is this because primarily my compressor is too weak, is it possible there is something wrong with my needle. How can I tell if I need to replace the needle. I've been very meticulous in the handling of the needles and tips and extremely cautious in making sure I don't drop, jam, or place the needle tip down. Also am very meticulous in cleaning the air brush immediately after using it. Can someone give me a clue? Pleasssssse?
  12. I have cranks from probably every Pradco brand and also bandit, Normans, every "major" manufacturer you can think of and some from Megabass, Yozuri, Lucky craft. It takes a variety of baits for a variety of conditions. Strike King/Bandits(Bandits are a cheap imitation that I don't feel run as well,IMO), Bomber, Rebel, Norman and so many more, all have there place, as do wooden cranks. If you're talking about a lake you consistently fish...just find out what the preferred crankbait is for this time of year and buy a couple of those. If you don't know what the "hot" color is and can't find out...buy them in patterns of the local forage, as in, "match the hatch". Also, I've bought Lucky Crap and personally think they are way overrated. I know at this time of year, here around where I live, I'm taking Bomber 6a's and 7a's + C.C. Big O's predominately every time I go fishing. Always buy Two cranks of the same model and color, never just one.
  13. At work, we bought that same exact compressor from the same company. We're on our second one in three months. All we use it for is to blow out lint and dust in heat sinks in laptops. They tend to clog up on several models causing shutdown. It's not used anymore than I use the little one I bought for my airbrush...but it sure crapped out a lot quicker.
  14. Thanks Skeeter, I thought that was the case but have never gotten down into the "inner workings" of a crankbait. It either worked and I caught fish with it or I didn't use it again...explains why I got thirty different Poe's that I haven't tried to even thrown for ten years. Also explains why I have about $3000.00 in retail crankbait tackle. I don't know about where your from Skeeter...but around here, when I have fished in bass clubs or in some kind of tournament situation, people either don't know that there are custom crankbait makers or if they did they sure weren't going to share that information with the people they were competing against. That is partially why I decided to take this upon myself to learn as much as I can and understand deeper about what,how, when, and why some cranks work and others don't. I have some that catch fish in spring only. others seem to have a bigger range. Anyway again...thanks for the information on the Poe's stuff. I have read a lot of it but being unfamiliar with what I'm doing it's nice to be able to clarify and make sure I'm on the right track.
  15. Thanks Bob...whatever the thick under coat is...it ain't' plastic...maybe plaster(LOL). I've taken 3 down to the wood so far...tested the rest of the baits buoyancy and about half seem to be pretty well centered, most of the others lean to the left. one 400 leans right and my rc-1 well, it flops over onto it's right side....was surprised to see that. Quite honestly, I've never caught anything on any Poe's except for two small fish on an RC-1 or maybe it was an RC-3. That's my primary reason for refurbishing them, not to mention...finish cracked all over on half of them before I had ever used them, and the paint jobs are GAWD AWFUL. All these baits are between 10 and 15 yrs. old.
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