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  1. Slow steady retrieve, you don't want to give it too much action.
  2. I like a 1/0 hook with my marabou jigs. I also like the 3/32oz weight as that fits my needs, yours may differ. I have several different versions that I tie but they all work well. I like the worm nose jig as well as the Midwest finesse jig for my marabou jigs.
  3. Tell that to my 2nd LEE pot that was ruined due to wheel weights with high zinc content...LOL!!!! I have a couple LEE production pots as back up and they won't get wheel weight lead if I have to put them back in service. The RCBS pro melt furnace I use now will never see a wheel weight, it may cost me a bit more for lead but I know what I'm melting and it is worry free.
  4. Apdriver is on the money with the Mustad 32833. I know of some good ones but once you add in that you want something with a reasonable price they all go out the window. Also, Aberdeen hooks are designed to bend out so when you get hung up the hook will straighten out and can then be bent back.
  5. As far as I know it is, the only place that I know sells it is Captain hooks. https://www.captainhookswarehouse.com/products/m92000npbn
  6. I don't know any that are available in the 1/0 size but there is an option for 3/0, 4/0, and 5/0. The VMC 7346 swimbait jig hook, it is a 45 degree hook made with heavier wire and the EWG bend like the hooks you are currently using. There is also the Mustad 92000 that starts at 3/0 and goes up. That hook is the same as the 91768 but is a little heavier wire so that may be something to look at as well.
  7. They are plated. There are places that you can send your baits to in order to have the heads chrome plated. I don't know if it would be worth the cost.
  8. I do that exact thing, the double barb holds well and the head shape skims over rocks really well.
  9. smalljaw

    hair jig

  10. I modified that mold to take a Mustad 91768 hook and it works. The issue though is the hook you want to use with it. There isn't a lot of room at the top by the hook eye for a large diameter hook. I used the 91768 in a 3/0 for the 3/8oz size, a 2/0 for the 1/4oz and a 1/0 for the 1/8oz and there is very little clearance but it does work. The success you will have will depend on the hook and the cavity you are using.
  11. What about the VMC 7250 in a 1/0 ? It is a long shank hook but it should be a little shorter than a regular 2/0. It is also available in both nickel and black nickel and is small enough in diameter that you would have issue using 8lb line.
  12. I think it is ok to do something like that as long as you market it as such. Perhaps a Halloween series or just a novelty lure as some people are into things like that. It also doesn't mean it it won't work but it is like Travis already said, the head design really offers nothing in the way of performance. I can't help but think of the Rebel crankbaits made to look like Camel Joe, beer cans, and even cartoon characters. Did they work? Yes, but we all know that there are days that fish will eat anything and a skull jighead would fall into that category. The head shape isn't offering more snag resistance, rock crawling ability, or some other trait that would make it a must have. It would be a jig that simply looks cool and then you have to decide if it is worth putting the time and effort into making something like that. I do think that if you wanted to do it just do make a unique head it would be fine but it would be a novelty jig head to most other anglers.
  13. I can't tell what wire or blade sizes the lures have but I'll guess. The first guess is going to be about the smaller spinner on the bottom. I'm seeing a small willow blade but the bait looks to have a heavier wire and a stirrup clevis. Willow blades are harder to get spinning on an in-line spinner but they will work. The one in the picture looks like the wire diameter is making you use a larger clevis and that is the problem. Small willow blades don't have a lot of torque so when you use them they need to be reeled extremely fast to spin. You do have to have the right clevis in order for that to happen though, if the clevis is too big the blade just can't generate enough torque to move the clevis completely around the wire. What you end up with is the blade rocking or wobbling back and forth rather than making full rotations (spinning). If that is the case the lure can't be fixed and you have to start over but I can't say for sure unless I know the wire diameter, blade and clevis size. The larger bait has a couple areas that may be an issue and the first is the skirt. It is out of proportion to the bait size and it might be disrupting water flow coming off the spinner blade keeping it from spinning. The next issue is the paint or whatever the white residue on the wire is, that could be causing a binding issue with the clevis. For that bait I'd clean the wire and then make sure the blade can spin freely. Then I'd take half of the skirt strands off of it and try it again, willow blades are hard to get started and it doesn't take much to affect the way they spin. The other thing is they spin in a tight arc, the skirt material is tied in an umbrella type configuration which makes it flare but pushes it closer to the blade. Just based on that I'm guessing it is causing a major water flow disruption and it is easy to find out if that is the problem. I'm not saying 100% that what I said are the exact issues but that is where I'd begin, good luck and let us know if you figure it out.
  14. I just skimmed your post, I'm sorry. The Gami 345, Eagle Claw 3886, and VMC 7216 will fit the casting jig mold, I'm not sure about the weighted hook mold
  15. The Eagle Claw 3886 is a good hook as is the Gamakatsu 345 and both will fit without modifications. Another one that I really like is the VMC 7216 and should fit with no issues.
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