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  1. Devcon 2-ton epoxy. If it says 2 ton then you have the 30 minute and it is the right stuff. BTW, Devcon 2-ton has an actual working time of 12 minutes, not really a full 30.
  2. Welcome to TU, I'm glad you found us!!!! You are right, the stuff you got looks like it was intended for other species but most of it can be used to make bass and pike lures.
  3. The Du-Bro EZ Twist is expensive and it only does up to .031" diameter wire. I think it would be good for leaders and rigging more than it would for making spinners but that is just what it looks like to me.
  4. Another quick observation, try using a gate shear and cut the sprue off. I could be wrong but I'm guessing the lead is still a little warm when you are breaking off the sprue. If it is, there is a good chance you are causing the lead to break free from the hook and the wire. I know a lot of people were having issues with the mid west finesse jig mold because they would break the sprue off instead of cutting it. Working the sprue back and forth or twisting it off is something I stopped doing because light wire hooks would get slight bends in them and sometimes I'd actually work the head loose. Try using a gate shear, diagonal cutter will work but you may not be able to get close enough.
  5. Kayser Lure, they make a lot of fiber weed guards and they might be able to make the "V" style.
  6. Welcome to TU!!!! You answered your own question, the only thing that changed is the lead. You need some antimony, I purchase 3%-5% antimonial lead from Roto metals. https://www.rotometals.com/antimonial-lead-ingots-5-pounds-3-5-antimony-lead/
  7. I like them myself and I purchased mine from Barlow's Tackle but they stopped carrying them. I don't think they sold well which is why they are hard to find. They perform extremely well, so well that I don't know why more people haven't used them. That maybe changing though, I saw a new product, it is a rubber band that you use the split a regular fiber guard into a "V" but I'd rather buy the guards.
  8. What size head are you looking for?
  9. The "MF" is metal flake and you can get it at living rubber company, here is the link - https://www.livingrubber.com/collections/silicone-metal-flake/products/bubblegum-crystal-flake-silicon-skirting-mpf51
  10. As others have said, cover the hook points before painting. You don't need to buy any tubing to cover the points, simply wrap with some aluminum foil, wrap it tight and it will hold and the heat won't be an issue.
  11. If they are 15 years old or older then they will probably look different than current ones. All hook manufacturers have upgrades in the last 8 - 10 years, Eagle Claw just finished with their own hook point revision not too long ago. Mustad also began manufacturing some of their hooks in China and I've had some issues with some of the models after they did this. I still use a few Mustad hooks but not as many as I once did, For the 32786 I now use the Eagle Claw 786BP and the VMC 7161. Anyway, the hooks you got should be fine and if you are worried about the point just hit it with a hook file.
  12. Allen, have you found the hooks you are looking for yet? If you are looking at smaller NED hooks, Mustad has the 37188 in a size #2 but if you go to Captain Hooks they still have some in the #1 size. You need to hurry though as it is now discontinued and when it is gone it is gone.
  13. What size hook and are you talking light wire or something stout? I'm asking because I know of some but some guys idea of a NED hook is a 2/0 while others are a #4 and others it is a #1 or #2.
  14. I will say this, if you need the 4/0 go with the Gami 291 bronze or 294 black nickel. I'll also make a 3/8oz ball head but I use a 3/0 Owner 5313 and I don't need the extra gap, the profile is small and it falls pretty fast for a 3/8oz jig. I don't have any issues with hooking or landing fish, I do understand you want that larger gap but the 3/0 5313 is stout and will keep the profile on the small side with no issues hooking a fish.
  15. I'm confused, the Owner 5313 is a 90 degree hook but you're asking for a 60 degree bend? I think for a 60 degree in a 4/0 that is a little shorter than other 60 degree hooks of the same size is the Gamakatsu 294 but LPO is the only place I know that has it in a 4/0.
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