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  1. The wire is too large for the size of the spinner as was noted but the body is too wide for the length of the spinner. What is happening is that the body is disrupting the water flow behind the spinner blade. You need to add about 3/8" in length and then a few more beads behind the clevis. That should allow the water to go by the blade well enough to carry the blade completely around the wire. If you want to have it be compact try using a smaller body and smaller wire or even jump up to a #2 blade.
  2. Welcome to TU. You are looking for a unicorn that most of us searched for at one time or another. I tried a lot, and I mean a lot of ball bearing swivels over the years. What I found was there are two brands that are great and the rest not so much. Worth ball bearing swivels and Sampo, the Sampo are the most expensive but you can get the Worth for half that, even less if you order in bulk. If you aren't going to use one of those options then you may want to try roller swivels. They are a step below the ball bearing swivel but way better than crane and barrel swivels. The best part is you can g
  3. You can't go by what the colors look like on the screen. That said, I have orange natures edge and it isn't bright and I like it for accent in craw patterns. Now, I get mine from Barlow's and the reason I mention that is because I had pumpkin natures edge from LPO and I got some from Barlow's and they were very different. The pumpkin from LPO was closer to orange and the pumpkin from Barlow's was more brown and I find that it happens a lot across different vendors. So if you want the burnt orange Dalmatian color then get the orange natures edge from Barlow's, the number is 602. Silicone Skirt
  4. Aside from the 90 degree hooks which seem to match up to the EC 570 you can tell by the number. The 10786 is equivalent to the Mustad 32786. The 10798 is equivalent to the Mustad 32798. If the number starts with a 10 it is a round bend, if it begins with 11 it is a V-Loc or sickle style. All you need to do is go to their website or Barlow's Tackle, Barlow's has the hooks categorized into 90 degree fine and heavy, 60 degree, 30 degree, and flat eye which makes it easy to find what you need.
  5. The hooks are legit!! I've used the round bend 10786 which is their version of the Mustad 32786 and it is a good hook. I also used the 11149 in a size #4 for crappie jigs and it is kind of a cross between the EC Lil nasty and the Matzuo sickle. The wire is about the same diameter as the EC, the first bend is the same as the Matzuo sickle and the point is slightly curved like the Lil nasty. I will say this, their points have held up so far and make no mistake, they are sharp. I have not used any of the larger V-Loc hooks but based on what I have experienced so far I know I'm going to get some e
  6. Plated steel blades aren't that common anymore. Steel blades are more commonly sold raw or painted. Yes, most of the painted blades you buy are steel. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that I think you are talking about tarnish and not rust. Not all brass blades are equal, some are plain brass and then there are the lacquer coated brass blades. Plain brass blades, even those that are plated will tarnish. Lacquer coated ones will tarnish but it takes years but there is a way to prevent it. Take a damp, not wet, just damp towel and use it to apply a thin coat of your favorite paste car
  7. 5102 just refers to LPO's catalog number, the actual hook number is 5304. LPO just forgot to put the number on their website. If you go to their site you'll see the Owner 5318 hook listed like this: 5101 Owner 5318 90 degree lite wire jig hooks. Then the have the other one as 5102 Owner 60 degree deep throat jig hooks, they omitted the number which is 5304.
  8. Why would you need to modify the mold? Do you want to use a different hook that might not fit? Are you wanting to change or add something? You only have to modify a mold if you want to use a hook that doesn't fit, or if you want to add a wire keeper or something else. I'll be honest, get a mold that you want that has all the elements you want without making changes. Don't worry about the hook brand, if you don't like a hook that the mold calls for there usually are alternatives and members here will let you know what fits. I say that because a lot of times a modified mold could get finicky and
  9. That is a great mod!!! I don't have an issue as I use hard lead for those. I like the flat head not only to make my plastics fit flush but I use that head for a lot of hair jigs and that collar would make most of them impossible to tie. The mod itself is a really good idea, especially when you consider that it still leaves ample room for the wire keeper. While it doesn't serve my needs I'll bet there are a bunch of people that would really benefit from that design, well done!!!!
  10. Here is where you can buy the Eagle Claw 2724 - Captain Hook's Discount Warehouse (captainhookswarehouse.com)
  11. Slow steady retrieve, you don't want to give it too much action.
  12. I like a 1/0 hook with my marabou jigs. I also like the 3/32oz weight as that fits my needs, yours may differ. I have several different versions that I tie but they all work well. I like the worm nose jig as well as the Midwest finesse jig for my marabou jigs.
  13. Tell that to my 2nd LEE pot that was ruined due to wheel weights with high zinc content...LOL!!!! I have a couple LEE production pots as back up and they won't get wheel weight lead if I have to put them back in service. The RCBS pro melt furnace I use now will never see a wheel weight, it may cost me a bit more for lead but I know what I'm melting and it is worry free.
  14. Apdriver is on the money with the Mustad 32833. I know of some good ones but once you add in that you want something with a reasonable price they all go out the window. Also, Aberdeen hooks are designed to bend out so when you get hung up the hook will straighten out and can then be bent back.
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