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  1. Did you use Devcon 2-Ton or did you use the Devcon 5 min epoxy? I'm asking that because a friend of mine purchased unpainted heads from LPO so he could paint and finish them himself. He was at my house where I helped him powder paint his swim jigs and he went home to put the eyes on and clear coat. He brought his jigs over the next day and they had brush marks all over, I never saw that before. It turns out he got Devcon 5 minute epoxy so that is why I asked the question. If it is the 2-Ton epoxy then my next question is going to be, did you thin it or alter it in any way? I know some guys thin it with denatured alcohol even though the manufacturer says not to thin it right on the package.
  2. So I noticed....Might help if I look before responding next time...LOL!!
  3. Barlow's give the wire diameter and has the pictures of the hooks along with the sizes next to a ruler.
  4. If you go to Barlow's and LPO look at the blades and look at Worth and Lakeland catalogs. Barlow's provides blade dimensions that you can match up, most of the blades those places sell are either Worth or Lakeland and they also sell the Hildebrandt blades. As for blade cup, a shallower cup will spin at slower speeds and start spinning almost instantly. They will spin faster than a deep cup because of how easily they spin and they have less lift so the baits will run deeper. Deep cup blades spin at a slower speed and have a wider arc so they have more lift, they have more vibration because of the wider arc but if you want the bait to run deeper a shallower cup blade is better.
  5. I like the minnow head for the float-n-fly jig. I like the head in 1/16oz and 1/8oz, the 1/16oz with a #2 and the 1/8oz with a #1 hook. The mold comes in assorted sizes or you can get the production mold which has 2 sizes with 3 cavities of each size. The assorted is good as you have all the sizes you need but if you only need two size the production molds are better.
  6. Cadman, those triangle blades are called Royal Willows or just Royal blades. Lakeland came out with them quite some time ago, I found them in 2011 or 2012. Anyway, they swim at ridiculously slow speeds and they have a wide arc with a lot of thump.
  7. The only issue with the dollar store nail polish is the smell. SH takes a little longer to set up but sets up pretty hard but the smell isn't as strong and is gone after a few hours. I tried this L.A. Colors stuff from Family Dollar, 3 days later and it still stand and I only used it to coat some thread on a hair jig.
  8. What is probably happening is the UV resin is breaking loose from the socket. There are 2 ways to fix the issue, the first is to do the entire head in the UV resin. The second is to apply the UV resin to the eyes and cure like you have been doing and then go over the eyes and entire head with Sally Hansen's clear nail polish. I tried the UV resin and it is ok but it has a tacky feeling after it is cured so I found if you go over it with clear nail polish it would get rid of the tacky feeling and make the finish even harder. Now the first option isn't great because the UV resin is expensive, it is why I no longer use it, so try the clear nail polish over the head and eyes after the UV resin and see how that works.
  9. I will echo Cadman in that I really like the color of those heads!!! What I'm surprised by is how smooth the Createx when on with an artist brush. Very nice!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Owner 5318 should work fine but it can be a bit pricey. A very good hook that won't break the bank is the VMC 9147, I got some in a 2/0 to try with tube jigs and 1 trip sold me. I also like the Eagle Claw 570BP, that is the black platinum version for the old bronze 570, very good hook and most dismiss it. Mustad 32746 is a good bet as well but before I pay for the Mustad I'd go with the VMC 9147, it is stout for a light wire hook and very sharp. As I mentioned, the Owner 5318 is the premium option and to be honest I use that in a 3/0 for 1/8oz Freestyle jigs for finesse swim baits.
  11. Lakeland manufacturing makes a line of pike and musky blades but the sizes will resemble regular blades. I have some size #4 willows and that are close to a size #6 regular willow blade. As for the Terminators, most guys lose the blade and the swivel because they are titanium and some of the baits don't have a completely formed top loop. So after casting a few times the split ring holding the blade and swivel eventually finds its way off the loop. I've never heard of any bass size spinnerbait having the blade come off the split ring, the swivel and blade falling off yes, just the blade, no. Now on a musky bait with a really large blade, well I have no experience with that but the Terminators losing the blade and swivel has been happening for years.
  12. You do know you can buy the Worth swivels direct from Worth without the split rings on don't you? They use a light size 2.5 split ring but you can add a heavy duty one yourself as the holes accommodate .035" wire. Go to LPO and get some jump rings or heavy split rings and buy the swivels without the rings, simple, and I believe Barlow's Tackle allows the option of buying the swivels without rings as well.
  13. Just about any heavy wire 60 degree hook will fit the Trokar Arky jig mold. I have that mold and I use the VMC 7161 as well as the Mustad 32786, the Eagle Claw 786BP, and the Owner 5317.
  14. I don't know well that mold is going to work. There is no vents, no gates, and it is just a Z-Man Shroomz head that was laid in some type of mold putty or resin. I would not hit that with lead unless I knew exactly what is was made out of, not rated for high heat or if it is retaining any moisture could result in injury.
  15. They were unveiled at ICAST in July of 2019 but they haven't been released for retail as of yet. I was told Eagle Claw has not provided a timeline to when they will be available either. I make a 1/16oz and 1/8oz ball head jig with a 3/0 Eagle Claw Lil Nasty for finesse style swim baits and they work really well with 8# line and a medium power spinning rod. I don't lose fish on them, if they get the hook the only way they get off is if the line breaks. If you are making a head specifically for the Damiki rig then the lil nasty is perfectly fine, the wire is stronger than the Matzuo and just as sharp if not sharper. If you feel you want a little bit stronger hook try the Mustad 32500 skip jack hook, it is made with slightly heavier wire.
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