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  1. smalljaw

    G Man Balling Out Jig

    The mold Erick mentioned is what I would use as well. The thing you need to know is that mold is that there are 2 other molds in the same style but different weights. You can get the same jig in 1/8, 3/16, and 1/4oz as well as 5/16, 3/8, and 7/16oz. So depending on the size you need you can make something similar in all but the 3/4oz size. The hook is different as well and it depends on where you are going to use this jig, for example I love this jig as a finesse jig like the Eakins jig, I use the Eagle Claw 2798 black platinum for that application. I also make that jig as heavy cover finesse jig in a 3/8oz weight that I use the 3/0 Eagle Claw 2706 black platinum which is a heavy wire hook, I like the 3/0 because it makes the jig more compact and I get hung up a lot less than I do when using a larger hook. The main difference in that mold is it uses the flat eye style hook rather than a regular eye like the ballin' out jig but it is just as versatile. The ballin' out jig will be a little better in brush and weeds as a flipping bait while the weedless round head we are talking about will be a little better in rock and being dragged on the bottom but the head style makes it very versatile so it can be used in just about every way the same way the ballin' out jig can.
  2. smalljaw

    New Guy Here. Advice on which vise to buy

    I'll put the link here for you. You want the Saltwater Edge vise, it is made to handle the large weights, the Griffin will work but you'll wear out the jaws in short order. This vise is a little more expensive but again, it is designed to hold up to 5oz and a 9/0 heavy wire hook.
  3. smalljaw

    Burner Style Spinnerbait Blades

    Worth has shallow cup willow leaf blades that work well for burners. What you want to do is make your spinnerbait with the blades 1 size smaller than normal. I find that a 3/8oz spinnerbait with a size #4 blade on the swivel and a #3.5 on the clevis makes a great burner without rolling over. I believe the super thin blades that Strike King uses still aren't available to the general public.
  4. smalljaw

    Polyurethane for head cement?

    Use Loctite super glue brush on, that works well and isn't expensive. Water based poly takes about 2 to 3 hours which means it needs to be on a drying wheel. I know it is only a small amount to apply to some thread but even a little bit will take a long time to dry, just use super glue and you'll be fine. BTW, I don't know if you ever used water based poly but it smells about as strong as nail polish when you first open it, the difference is the smell goes away pretty fast but it does have an odor to it.
  5. smalljaw

    Bass Jig Rattles

    I use jigs a lot and I was using rattles a lot for a few years. I used a few different types of rattles up until 2009, I like to try things and make comparisons side by side. From 2004 to 2009 I used jigs with and without rattles and the bites were pretty much even, every now and again the jig with a rattle would do better and vice versa so I stopped using rattles as it didn't seem to make a big difference for me. Now, if a rattle gives someone confidence the same way a scent or certain color can, then it becomes important but for me the rattles weren't making any noticeable difference.
  6. smalljaw

    Mustad #32893 hook

    Allen, the sproat bend makes the hook a little stronger and harder to bend out than a round bend of the same diameter. It also makes for a better landing percentage as that bend holds the fish a little better than a round bend. The round bend does better at hooking fish because they tend to have a wider gap that also allows for bulkier trailers than a sproat bend.
  7. smalljaw

    Mustad #32893 hook

    I only have them in a 3/0 Cadman but I only have like 30 left. I was trying to find them myself as I use them for my Eakins style jigs but I've given up hope. I believe that was the hook Jewel was using for their jigs but now when you read the description of their jigs they say they are using a custom Mustad. I'm guessing it is still the 32893 but no longer available to the general public.
  8. smalljaw

    Owner 5317 Size 4

    No round head but there is a Sparkie jig mold that that hook should work in. The 1/16oz cavity takes a #4 and it will also take a #2, I use the VMC 7161 which is a hair heavier than the Owner 5317.
  9. smalljaw

    Lead fumes venting setups

    If you using clean lead you shouldn't have much of a problem. Lead poisoning comes from ingestion most of the time and the reason is simple. Lead does not produce fumes or vapor below 1200 degrees, if you have any smell it is usually impurities and good ventilation is sufficient to carry out the fumes if you are using good lead. I get most of my lead from Rotometals , 99% pure and 3% -5% antimonial and with 2 windows open and a fan blowing in between to create good air circulation there are no problems. I had a serious illness and since then I have to have my blood checked on a regular basis and one thing I have the doctor check for is the lead levels in my blood, in more than 20 years of pouring I can say that I'm fine but, if you are melting down wheel weights or old lead pipes and other forms of scrap lead well then I'd be outside or I'd have a hood and exhaust fan. It also pays to be cautious and a good exhaust fan and hood is something I think is beneficial if pouring indoors but if you aren't pouring for 6 to 8 hours a day a shop that isn't confined with good ventilation will work as long as you are using clean lead.
  10. smalljaw

    Fine cut silicone dealers

    Just so you know, "frogs hair" silicone really doesn't exist. Fine cut silicone is different than fine cut rubber, the fine cut rubber has more strands for the same width. Fine cut silicone is thinner, about half the thickness of a regular tab but it still have the same amount of strands. I mention that as a lot of people that never used it think it has thinner strands and more of them and when they get the stuff it isn't what they wanted.
  11. smalljaw

    flipping jig recommendation

    I think it will depend on the weight you need to use and the cover. For dead falls and brush I really like the brush jig but when you have grass my absolute favorite is the snootie jig. I make a 5/8oz snootie with a 6/0 Mustad 32786, it gets down through even thick grass easily and the design makes it relatively compact for the size of the jig even with a 6/0 hook.
  12. smalljaw

    Worm hook with extra length eye to bend

    I think using the links will be your best option. I contacted VMC to see if there was a way to get their size #1 flat eye jig hook that they use for their marabou jig . The first problem was trying to get in touch with someone that could help me, but I was finally able to get an email from a rep by going through Rapala. I was told that if it isn't in their hook catalog then it isn't available to the general public. As for Owner, well you'll be contacting Owner USA and they will tell you something similar, if it isn't in their product listing then it isn't for sale. The closest hook that might work for you would be the Charlie Brewer Spider hooks, check out the link and maybe one of their hooks might help you.
  13. smalljaw

    KBS Diamond Coat on jigs

    If you buy the WTD brand of 3D eyes you won't have to worry about bleeding and you won't have to worry about using super glue to make them stick. Yes, WTP eyes are made in the U.S.A and cost more but the quality is outstanding and the adhesive they use sticks so well I've had a spinnerbait that had the eyes lasts 2 full years without having a clear coat sealing them in or super glue holding them on.
  14. smalljaw

    Capt Hooks Bait Keeper?

    Just so others know, I have been using the keeper from Captain Hooks for the last 4 or 5 years, never had a problem. The bottom bend is a little tighter which I like but because of that the keeper sits a little lower and that has never affected jigs I've made with it. Now the last ones I purchased at the end of April are shorter by about 1/16", they barely make it into the cavity so you can pull them out by hand after you cast your jig. Well I emailed Captain Hooks and attached pictures showing the old wire keeper sitting in my mold and the new one sitting in the same mold and same mold cavity. Captain Hooks forwarded my email to the manufacturer and they then admitted to making them a little short so they are now going back to the original way they made them. When that happens Captain Hooks informed me that they will let me know when the new keepers come in and when I find out I'll be sure to let you know.
  15. smalljaw

    Capt Hooks Bait Keeper?

    I've been using their hook keeper and the short ones are bad. I have been in contact with them to let them know they have a problem and they are trying to get it fixed. They use to be the same size as the Do-it wire keepers but somewhere something got messed up. I'll let you know what happens because as of right now I have 4000 keepers that I can't use.