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  1. smalljaw


    On the top of the page right next to "clearance sale" tab is "skirts university" tab. Click on the skirts university tab and then click on "custom builds".
  2. smalljaw

    28-30 degree jig hook 6/0-8/0 options?

    I'm not sure if anyone makes a 30 degree that size. I can't help with a 7/0 or 8/0 but the Owner Twist Lock Light or the Twist lock 3X both come in a 6/0 and the bend on those is 30 degrees. I've used them to make swim jigs before and while they are a wide gap hook they are closer to round bend than an EWG. I think the bend they use is close to perfect, it is wide enough to use bulky plastics yet the hook point angle in only tilted slightly so you get better hook ups than an EWG but better holding than a typical round bend. I hope that helps a little bit, I know with no bulk options it is pricey but that is the only 30 degree that is close to a round bend that has a 6/0 option.
  3. smalljaw

    Hook help / wire strength

    The 570 is an Aberdeen hook and made to bend out with steady pressure. Eagle Claw makes the 3052BP which is a stronger hook but you made a little heavier than that even. The Owner 5313 only goes to 3/0, and your mold will need to be modified slightly, not hard to do. The Gamakatsu 604 is another that will work and comes in all the sizes you need, again you may need to modify the mold by widening the hook slot and eye areas a bit but the only way to know is by trying it.
  4. smalljaw

    Bladed Jig head recommendation ???

    If you don't mind using a split ring there is a mold that is really good. The Trokar Pro Swim Jig, . It uses a flat eye heavy wire hook and it doesn't have to be a Trokar, I use the Eagle Claw 2706BP but you can use the Mustad 32798 and I believe the Gamakatsu 594 will work as well. I have used heads in which I attached the blade direct and I also used a double split ring set up and my favorite combo by far is the Trokar pro swim jig with a single split ring. Now, the blade won't hit the head so you get very little sound but it makes up for it by being very erratic, it works so well it is all I use anymore.
  5. smalljaw

    Single row fluidbed

    w What is a single row fluid bed?
  6. smalljaw

    Arkie mold

    No, the wire is too heavy. You can make it work if you modify the mold but a stock mold it won't work.
  7. smalljaw

    Arkie mold

    Guys, remember, this is someone who isn't experienced and is asking a question about the hooks and weed guards used. The hooks used for that mold are the Mustad 32798, the Eagle Claw 2798BP, Owner 5326 (4/0 only), VMC 7218 (3/0 and 4/0), Trokar TK825, Gamakatsu 614, and possibly the Mustad 38109. The weed guard used is the FG-30 which is 1/8" in diameter.
  8. smalljaw

    Shakey Head Mold

    Here is what you want, it will use both a regular eye hook and a flat eye.
  9. smalljaw

    Fine round living rubber

    Fine round rubber comes in a roll about 1" - 1.25" wide and has approximately 60 strands. For me personally, if I was doing a 1/8oz to 1/4oz jig I'd use the entire width or 60 strands and cut it to the right length. For larger jigs I may take 2 lengths of the entire width, 120 strands or maybe a little less, it depends on the type of jig. Fine rubber doesn't have a lot of bulk so you need to use a lot of strands if you want it to have a good profile and move water, I like using in combination with silicone or with regular grade living rubber because it moves a lot.
  10. smalljaw

    Skirt tabs or hole in one skirt colors.

    Fishingskirts has black with blue glitter #010 and a color called blackberry #433 which is black with large purple flake. I'll leave a link to where I found those.
  11. smalljaw

    Eagle Claw V-Bend

    They make the worm hooks in the Trokar line. They have the Big Nasty flipping hook and the Big Nasty offset worm hook.
  12. smalljaw

    Eagle Claw V-Bend

    I fish 2.75" tubes a lot and the 2/0 is perfect. I use the same ball head jig in the same 1/16oz and 1/8oz that I use for finesse swimbaits, the only difference is I tend to use the 2/0 hook for tubes. Now you have to realize I'm fishing a shallow rocky river for smallmouth so I need a light weight but a tapered tube jig with the same hook will work well. I believe you'll really like the hook just based on the line strength and type you are using, it is very hard to beat the hook for light line simply because it penetrates with very little pressure and it holds so secure it isn't funny, it is a serious hook!!
  13. smalljaw

    Eagle Claw V-Bend

    That is the 500BP Lil' Nasty and yes, I have, and still do use them. I've used them from a size #4 up to a 3/0 and I'll try to give you my take. These are much better than the Matzuo sickle hooks, the wire is stronger and out of a few thousand so far no bad ones, plus it is wicked sharp. Performance is excellent as well, I use the 3/0 for my finesse swim bait jig heads which is just a ball head, 1/16oz and 1/8oz primarily with 1/4oz every now and again. I have yet to lose a fish that I have hooked on any head I've made with them, they hold extremely well, the only way I think you'd lose a fish is if the hook were to break or your line. Now the only downside is the gap is slightly smaller than a round bend so you may not hook slashing fish but again, if you get the hook in them they are caught. This is a light wire hook that works well for finesse presentations, even with the 3/0 I don't go past 8# line, you don't need much pressure to get full penetration, as I mentioned earlier, these hooks are wicked sharp because of the needle point and fine wire. I hope this helps.
  14. smalljaw

    Split rings for #2 spinnerbait swivels

    I've used Worth swivels and rings since 2005 and never had any issue. I also purchase the swivels and rings separately from Worth and put the rings on the swivels myself so a lot of rings get opened twice and never a problem.
  15. smalljaw

    Split rings for #2 spinnerbait swivels

    Go to Barlow's and get a size 2.5 fine split ring, that is what Worth uses on their size #2 ball bearing swivel.