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  1. Identify this skirt color - Part 2!

    Naked Bait had the color made, if you have a sample you can get it made. Skirts Plus or Fishingskirts will have it made but you'll need a minimum order to have it done.
  2. Painting Chatter Bait Blades

    Spike-it lure and blade dip. That is a dye and won't add weight to the blade.
  3. Best sized wire

    If I understand correctly, you want to get wire to use for both in-lines for panfish and spinnerbaits for bass, correct? If that is the case then you are compromising on both ends with the panfish spinners being on the heavy side while the spinnerbait is on the light side but I will try to help. If I was doing that and using a #2 clevis, I'd go with .028" to .031", use the smaller if you are staying under 3/8oz for your spinnerbaits and use the larger if you want to go heavier but that would be as far as I'd go.
  4. I need help identifying this skirt layer color.

    I had the same thought, but like you after looking at it along with other colors I don't think it is exact but it is similar enough that it should work. What was the name of the place you got the material? I'm wondering if that was a special color unique to them, almost every store has colors you can't get anywhere else. To this day I have to go to Janns Netcraft for Avocado, over 10 years and still nobody else carries that color skirt material so I'm assuming Janns has it made special. You also know as Cadman said, if you send them a sample they will match it but you need to buy 500 tabs I believe. Good luck on the search.
  5. I need help identifying this skirt layer color.

    I don't mean to be smart but if you use a color a LOT, how don't you even know the name or where you get it from?????? Look at color #132 at Fishingskirts, it is called shiner.
  6. Replacement hook Arky jig

    The hook is fine for fishing around rocks, light brush and docks with say 30lb braid and a 12# to 14# leader. If you want to go with a heavier hook you'll need to go with the 32796 but the mold will need to be modified but it isn't a hard modification. For heavier applications I use the Trokar Arky head and the Brush jig because those jigs use a heavy wire hook. The mold you have is good but that jig is more suited to moderate cover with a straight 12# to 14# mono or fluorocarbon, heavy braid needs the heavier hook if you are using heavy power rods. As I said before, the modification isn't hard to do but it needs to be done to move up to the heavier hook.
  7. Do-it mold Worm nose jig w screw lock

    If you are pulling the head out of the mold by the hook then you are causing the problem. Try pulling the head out by the sprue, that will help. Also, if you are twisting or bending the sprue back and forth to remove it then that could be the issue and you would need a gate shears to cut the sprue free instead. If it is loose just from pouring it then you have a an issue with residue on the hook or somewhere that is keeping the lead from hardening around the hook.
  8. Can somebody tell me what this brand is?

    Isn't that an H2O Xpress from Academy Sports? I also think this should have been put in the hard baits section for future reference.
  9. Powder Coating w/ Fiber Weedguard

    Ok, now go back and read the very beginning of this thread starting with the title. Again, I'm not trying to be smart with you but the person posting, and everyone else, including myself, was talking about the painting and curing with the weed guard cast in the jig head. The guys commenting before you posted were describing the heat resistant tubes that go over top of the weed guard to allow you to apply heat to the head to paint and cure without messing up the weed guard. You then said you can get a cheaper version of the tubing for 1/1000 of the price from a hardware store. Just so you understand some of our terminology, heat resistant TUBE goes over a weed guard to keep it from melting when it has been cast in the head, heat resistant PINS are used to create a hole in which to glue a weed guard in after the paining and curing is finished. I think you commented without reading the other posters, and as Cadman has said, most everyone here has been using Teflon pins for quite some time, the OP wants help with keeping the weed guards from blooming out when he heats the head. After your answer I understand what happened, you failed to read what the thread was about and are confused over tubes and pins, no big deal just remember in the future not to assume and carefully read what the post is about and you'll be fine.
  10. Powder Paint Spray gun booth

    All together I'd say a teaspoon, on a single color it is a very small amount. It is why when I'm working on new patterns and do a single bait from start to finish I don't even reclaim the overspray. The amount of overspray will be different for each user as well, I probably wasted a lot of powder when I started doing it as I'm not sure if anyone else was using it. In fact when I purchased my first gun, there wasn't a "powder paint airbrush", it was a Badger model 260 hobby sandblaster that I picked up on clearance because it said it could spray up to 200 grit abrasive and I figured it may be good to spray powder. Anyway, when I started using it I would just hold the button down and keep a steady stream of powder going, now I spray by pulsing the button in short bursts to get the color exactly where I want it with precision. So I'd say someone just learning to use it will probably have a lot more overspray than what I typically get. I hope that makes sense to you, it really is hard to gauge especially since some colors spray different than others. I will have to sweep white a second time on a spinnerbait head to get it perfect were as most other colors will work with just 1 quick pass so I always seem to have more white powder to reclaim than other colors.
  11. How much powder paint per 100 spinnerbaits?

    I've been using that spray gun for a long time, over a decade and your question is hard to answer precisely. The main reason is the colors differ in how they spray and the coverage so the amount of baits you could do with say a 2oz jar of white will be different than what you do with chartreuse or red. My best guess would be that 100 3/8oz spinnerbaits fully covered with 1 color would take about 1oz, a little more with some colors, a little less with others. The colors that would take the most powder would be white and chartreuse. That is the closest figure I can give you but if you want to break down costs you can weigh your bottle with 2oz of powder and then spray a 3/8oz bait and then weigh the bottle again and see how much you used and then figure out how many times you can spray that amount to use up the 2oz and you'll have your answer but just estimated I think 200 baits per 2oz of paint is a good number
  12. Powder Paint Spray gun booth

    My system works but it is a pain if not doing at least 4 baits of the same color scheme. My booth is an old box my Red Wing work boots came in. I glued a paint stirrer to back of the box, part is glued to the base and then the top part is glued to the lid making it stay open. half way down the lid I glued 2 cardboard strips to the inside of the lid, 1 on each side, the strips are 1" wide and 7" long and run down to the bottom of the lid. The strips are glued in on edge and they run the length of the lid on a taper, they start at the outside edge and then taper to a 3" opening at the bottom of the lid. Just to give you an idea of what this looks like, think of a "V" shape glued to the box lid, this acts like a funnel so I simply have small Dixie bowels that I place in the base of the box under the funnel part. I use a different bowel for each color, so if I'm doing 6 spinnerbaits in a pearl with a black back pattern, I'll do my white base coat first. So I place a bowel for white powder in the box and I spray the white on my first bait and then place on my rack, and then do the second and third and so on. When I'm done with the white base I go to my pearl, so I remove the bowel with the white powder and place in another bowel for the pearl and then do the 6 spinnerbaits. When that is done I remove the bowel and put another in for black and when they are all done I simply dump the powder from each bowel into the proper color of powder. If I'm just working on new patterns I'm only doing 1 bait at a time from start to finish I don't even bother to reclaim the little bit of overspray because it isn't enough to worry about, I just wipe the box out. I hope you can understand what I did.
  13. Powder Coating w/ Fiber Weedguard

    Thanks for the info. I'm not being smart but that stuff is very specialized and not sold in your everyday run of the mill hardware store. Also, after checking it out, I'm not sure it would work and there is a major reason but I could be wrong. When you read the description and application it says that it isn't strong and is highly flexible, and to keep the weed guard in place it needs to be rigid. Yeah, it will keep the heat off the exposed fibers but the weed guard still gets the heat at the base since the lead is hot, if the material isn't rigid it will allow those fibers to deform which is the problem even with curing with the current tubes. Even when you finish curing and allow the jig to cool, the weed guard still "flowers" or spreads out and can even curl at the top. It might be worth trying out but just based on the fact it is so flexible makes me think that it won't work as well as what is currently being used, I'd be interested in seeing the results if someone was to try it.
  14. Do-It Swimbait Head Jig Mold SBH-5-A Question

    The 5318 is a light wire hook so may as well stick with the 32746. The idea of the 604 is to get a more robust hook, a 5318 is a great hook but doesn't help since it is a light wire hook. Now the VMC 7150 fits, I may go and get that mold later on and go with the VMC but for now I have other options.
  15. Do-It Swimbait Head Jig Mold SBH-5-A Question

    Have you been able to get the 4/0 Gamakatsu 604 in the 1/4oz head that it is straight?? I'm asking because I sent my mold back, I could not use the 604 and I didn't even think of the VMC 7150. If you are getting the 4/0 604 in the 1/4oz cavity then I may have got a defective mold.