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  1. NSpannTx

    4" ringworms....

    Hi all, I am looking for some 4" ringworms in chartruese pepper and also in strawberry. If anyone makes these and would be willing to sell please email me at: spann@asapchoice.com Thanks for your time, Noel
  2. I was just sitting here thinking how all of y'all got your name out there in this soft plastic game? Did you just stick some in a tackle shop, donate some baits to tourneys for give aways, or what?? I live in a fairly small town here in Texas but the lake here is a VERY popular lake for bass fishermen and I was just wondering how to get my stuff seen? I know the owner of the local tackle shop very well and shouldnt have a problem getting my stuff in there but was just wondering how y'all did it? Thanks, Noel
  3. NSpannTx

    How many per cup???

    In general, how many standard 6" - 7" worms can I expect to get out of a cup of plastic? Newby here trying to figure how much "stuff" to order..... Thanks in advance, Noel
  4. NSpannTx

    What makes yours different???

    Talking about spinnerbaits here......what do y'all think makes your individual spinnerbaits different from all the rest? What benefit would a customer get from buying yours over ..... joe blows spinnerbait?? Thanks, Noel
  5. NSpannTx

    Wrapped skirts...

    Joe, Yes I'm still in search of these skirts. If you find anything let me know. Thanks!!! Noel
  6. NSpannTx

    Wrapped skirts...

    I guess my last post was a little hard to understand since I didnt get any response. Since then I have found that these skirts I am wanting to make are called wrapped skirts. They are a length of skirt material wrapped around a skirt collar and put on the bait making the skirt "flare" much like the top section of conventional skirts where the collar is in the middle of the material and slid over the hook. Any ideas on where to get the materials to make these from? Can I use the skirt umbrellas to accomplish this? Thanks in advance, Noel
  7. NSpannTx

    Cooperative Buying

    I'd be interested too Kathleen. Thanks, Noel
  8. NSpannTx

    Looking for skirt material...

    Hello. I am looking for some skirt material that may not exist?? I know you can get material that is solid on each end and split into strips in the middle. Then after putting your collar around the skirt you then cut off the solid sections on each end. Now, I am looking for some material that in solid on one end the whole length of the amount I buy. So I would then have say a 10' long section maybe 5-7" wide and one side would be solid and the opposite side would be cut into strips. Or I guess I could use the regular skirt material it just would have to be in longer lengths than I have seen. Does this exist or am I dreaming??? Thaks in advance, Noel
  9. NSpannTx

    Any Texas builders here???

    I was just wondering if there were any crank builders here in Texas that frequent this board?? Thanks, Noel
  10. NSpannTx

    Alternate Lip Material

    The only other concern I have is if the size is always consistant piece to piece after shrinking? Thanks, Noel
  11. NSpannTx

    Round vs. flatsided cranks.....

    I was wondering what some of the pros and cons are of the two styles of cranks? Aside from the fladsides being "easier" to make what else comes to mind? Thanks in advance, Noel
  12. NSpannTx

    How do you tell....

    How do you guys tell how deep a particular bait will run? If you take it to the lake and have a deep diver to test, how do you know if its running 10, 15, or 20 feet? Thaks in advance, Noel
  13. NSpannTx

    Finish question???

    Which finish will hold up better, Devcon or Flex Coat? I am also a rod builder so I have plenty of both, I just want to coat with the best one. Thanks, Noel
  14. NSpannTx

    Crankbait lip question....

    Ok guys I have been lurking here for a little while and finally registered so I could ask a question. I have built a couple of poppers and am happy with those so far. Now I want to venture into making crankbaits. I want to know how you guys decide on what angle and length you need to get a certain depth your looking for in a crank? Is there a magic formula or is it just experience? Thanks in advance. Noel