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  1. ^^ this is closer ...anybody know what to fill the cavity with to get it down to 1/16th ?
  2. Thx.....want it weedless
  3. Want to make them in 1/16oz...........All I can find is the 1/16 oz ball jig. I would like a tapered head.
  4. Could I use my shakie head mold and bend the hook?
  5. What jig mold do u use for a stupid tube set up? And what hook?
  6. Dosnt take long (2 hrs) for the belly hook to where scratches in Devcon....thought it was tougher ...(
  7. chas48

    Hook Feathers

    What do u use for feathers for hooks on jerkbaits? I can goto the fly department at Bass pro but is there anything else?
  8. Maybe Im over thinking this but Im about to cut stencils for a crawdad pattern. Seems to me it looks more natural for the edge of the shell/or gill plate to b forward and the overspray to flow toward the tail....not the(easy) other way around?
  9. I just got one at Habor Freight for $8
  10. chas48

    Tacky Devcon

    I didn't use alcohol so............should I put another coat on it? (mixed better)
  11. chas48

    Tacky Devcon

    Ive used Devcon before w good results but this time Ive got a finish on a crankbait that after a month is still "tacky"..Ive hung it outside (humid) inside (dry) over a lightbulb (mild heat)............w .nothing changing................what gives?
  12. chas48

    Removing Devcon?

    But its a wiggle wart
  13. chas48

    Removing Devcon?

    Well 2 things ,all my fault. Touched up a spot with a dirty brush (that part is now not clear) I can probably sand that part. 2nd I hung the bait w a paperclip....when it dried it covered the paperclip....when I wrenched it out it left groves.....I was able to sand them out but THAT redue didn't cover the entire lip so its bumpy..........learning as I go.......)
  14. chas48

    Removing Devcon?

    that's gonna b tuff............
  15. Can u remove Devcon from a lure? I don't like how it dried.
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