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  1. Good video, appreciate you doing this even when it's cold enough to see your breath. good job
  2. Here is how is round over crankbait lips. tools needed vice grips, washer or bushing, band saw or sander. 1. clamp lip to bushing or washer using vice grips. 2. shape lip with bandsaw or sander. 3. clean up with sandpaper. hope this helps. Todd
  3. I would take the tape off and put the eye's on befoe I dip. I don't think it would be easy or look very clean if you try to take the tape and topcoat off. I want the eye's under the topcoat to help them stay on. Todd
  4. tc-lures

    Bluegill SR

    Great job Gene.
  5. tc-lures

    100 7330

    Nice paint job. Todd
  6. I have 450 size 8 mustad treble hooks, they are to small for me, would be willing to trade for some handmade crank baits, email or im me an offer. Thanks, Todd
  7. Congrats Gene, Now you can start making crankbaits full time. Todd
  8. I received my lures today, they all look great, good job everybody. Todd
  9. Thanks again Gene for doing the swap, I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas. Todd - tc-lures
  10. Gene, Count me in. Thanks, Todd
  11. I think that is what most people do, 1.carve and sand 2. seal with an epoxy 3. paint with white createx (might have to heat set between colors, so that they wont bleed) 4. paint your patterns 5. topcoat with the epoxy Hope this helps, feel free to pm me, I'm no expert, but will try to help. Todd
  12. So, if we can, I would like to get a bit of a handle on how many of you would be interested in the new (DN2) water reducible formula either in the interim or as a replacement for the old formula? Thanks for your patience guys - and for all your help and insight. I could never have moved this fast without all your help and ideas! TackleUnderground and the TackleUndergrounders ROCK! Will know more and post more about the new (DN2) within a week or so... Dick Dick, I am interested in the new DN2 as a replacement for my current topcoat (Nu-Lustre 55) Thanks, Todd
  13. Thanks Rofish, I had looked at a 2004 spec sheet, the correct weight ratio is 1.2:1 Resin/Hardener. Thanks again, Todd
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