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  1. True dat, but I'm actually talking about weedless jigs.
  2. Elken, does it have a weedguard feature??Thanks
  3. I make mine for saltwater use. I need extra weight sometimes. What are your biggest sizes? anyone sell 1oz or higher? I had to make a custom mold. Which wasn't really a problem, I had CNC access. Just curious , thanks.
  4. I have done the foil heat shroud method with SOME success. I wrapped the foil around a pencil to form a tube then smash it around the weedguard. I now just add them after painting. I like the teflon idea.
  5. Hi everyone, I have been lurking here and checking out the pictures of the lures for EONS. I love your homemade lures. I make my own lures too. Swimbaits, worms, jigs, etc. This however is my big dog fish killer. Enjoy: http://www.trixjettyworm.com/
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