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  1. Hey all... I am in the market for a airbrush and compressor.This will be the first one for me. I am looking for a good set-up that can paint fine detail when I need it to.What Is everyone else using?. thanks for your time
  2. Thanks for the information Ken....I will keep searching.
  3. Hey all Is the IWATA silver jet a good machine for painting hard baits?I found one for sale for $100.00,and im wondering it its worth my time. Thanks
  4. Looks interesting...I would also like to hear if anyone has had epxerience with it.
  5. is that the actual name of the product?I couldnt find anything named that one there website.
  6. I do read that this is used on rapalas.
  7. I just read that the original rapalas were first top coated with lacquer.I am still looking for information on the modern day lures.
  8. I guess it is .Has anyone read the rapala book?maybe it sheds some light on this question??
  9. Hey all,Does anyone know what rapala uses to topcoat there balsa baits?
  10. Thanks for everyones responses...lots of good reading here.
  11. Has anyone ever used this product for putting a top coat on there crankbaits? The Bohning Company, Ltd. - Lure-Lac
  12. thanks for the knowledge.I'll give that a go
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