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  1. fongster

    How To Silence Crankbaits?

    "Rather than gluing the rattles, you might try removing them and replacing the weight with something that won't rattle, like lead/tungsten powder or mineral oil/water. " I like your idea! Oil or water could be problematic with sealing up the bait (i.e. dry surface issue for epoxy) but lead or tungsten powder sounds cool. Thanks.
  2. fongster

    How To Silence Crankbaits?

    I searched this subject and didn't find anything...I'm interest in quieting some Norman DLNs. Anyone ever try this?
  3. fongster

    Coloring Pork?

    I read once that you could dye pork with Rit Dye or something like that...if I can't find Super Pork in the colors I want, was thinking of getting a lighter color and soaking in Rit. Any knowledge of this process?
  4. fongster

    Super Pork?

    This is my fave jig trailer...hardly anyone seems to sell it and if they do it's out of stock. I saw that SP's site is down/gone. Did they go out of business? I'm trying to find the 3 x 1 frog in black brown and purple. Need brown the most. Thanks.
  5. fongster

    Spinnerbait Balance?

    Thanks, guys! I have the wire angled up but not up enough obviously. I am also using those generic 40 strand silicone skirts from Jann's and Stamina (now Lure Parts Online). I was modeling these heavy SBs after 3/8 oz samples, so no wonder stuff was off.
  6. fongster

    Spinnerbait Balance?

    My baits tend to run tail down on a steady retrieve. These are heavy baits--3/4 to 1.5 oz., is that why? Does a spinnerbait of any weight ever really run level? If it can be adjusted, what factors come into play--lower wire angle/length, etc.? Thanks.
  7. fongster

    Quick and easy jighead painting?

    Cool--thanks for the affirm on the nail polish. I have jigs with weedguards in so the powderpaint would have been an issue. I wonder if I can find black in the goth section of the nail polish aisle?
  8. fongster

    Quick and easy jighead painting?

    Is there something I can use to quickly color the bare lead of some jigheads? Something fast like a marker or fingernail polish or maybe there are small jars of epoxy paint? I'm not too concern with aesthetics, just so it's not shiny lead. I know markers aren't worm-proof (I prefer something worm-proof), is fingernail polish? I mostly need black, brown and maybe olive green--any dull, dead color is probably fine. Thanks.
  9. fongster

    Devcon 2T (NOT GOOD!!!)

    Do you guys have Crown/ACE hardware stores in your area? I'm in CA and we have them here. Our local one has DT2 so I assume others do. They are pricier than a big box store but if you're in a pinch.
  10. fongster

    Airbrush basics?

    Hi Dave, that's me. Talk to you soon.
  11. fongster

    Airbrush basics?

    While cleaning out the garage, I came across my Paasche vl airbrush circa 1984. I used it in art school and it hasn't been used since. I hope I cleaned it out well before storing it, lol. I only used it at school since I didn't have a tank or compressor at home. I now have a 6 gal. Bostich that I use for brad nailing. I assume that'll work for an airbrush? What PSI should I use? What medium do you guys like to spray--waterbase and then clear coat, solvent-based, etc.? I can't wait to start paying with it. Thanks for your help.
  12. fongster

    Devcon 2-Ton Troubleshooting?

    Nice! Like a gentler form of powder paint prep. I'll try that on the next ones.
  13. fongster

    Devcon 2-Ton Troubleshooting?

    Thanks, guys. Here's the update: I used a new pack of D2T inside the house at 70 degrees with 50% humidity, not out in a cold garage at 60 degrees with 75% humidity--cold rain outside, lol. Anyway, I was able to brush over the first bad coat with no probs this time--very smooth and flowing (I didn't thin the D2T). I found that you get only 10-12 minutes or so of true "working time", not 30 like on the package. It was thick and unflowing (even for household gluing) in less than 20. Good luck with your usage.
  14. fongster

    Paint recs?

    I'm looking for a type/brand that I can hand, not air brush onto plastic hardbaits and then coat with 2-Ton Epoxy. Something that comes in smaller qualities is preferred. If it's in a spray can, that is cool too. The specific color is olive drab/dark army green. Thanks.
  15. fongster

    Devcon 2-Ton Troubleshooting?

    Hi all. I used some 2-Ton a year ago (a fresh pack) with stellar results. I just used the same pack (tubes still 3/4 full and appeared to be good color). It kicked off very fast--in 10 minutes I had gloppy epoxy that didn't flow out well on my second of two baits. In a panic, I brushed some fingernail polish with acetone in it to try to smooth the globs. That only helped a slight amount. Why did it kick so fast (room was kinda cool--low-mid 60s). The first bait I coated was ok with no glopping but during drying, divits/fisheye appeared in a few spots. I didn't thin the epoxy at all. What gives? Also, if I recoat the baits with 2-Ton, will it stick ok (I'll use the new pack)? Thanks.