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  1. crankybait

    First lure

    That is a fantatic first lure! beats the hell outta mine!
  2. wow camel, thanks a lot! It looks real nice for a good price.
  3. ooh ok thank you guys so much for your help. Do you have any recs on a good compressor? around 100-130 bucks?
  4. ok got it, windex to thin. thanks for the tip. now cleaning is a problem for me. normally i just take out the paint, and run water through the hole where the paint was. i take off the nozzle and clean the needle a bit too. i dont relally disassemble, i don't see the point as i get every place where paint flows my way. sometimes when dirty i use a q-tip with rubbing alcohol to clean the nozzle and where the paint is attached. is the siphon hople where the jar of paint is attached?
  5. ok, sorry i am a beginner and do not quite understand. What do you mean by reducing it? I understand the whole filtering thing, but where does the windex come in? and what is bac flow?
  6. ah yes apple barrel is what i had too. just curious, becasue acrylic mixed with water seems to run off of T-shirts. I am using a badger Anthem. Possible mising airbrush paint with acrylic and water?
  7. ok, just curious here. A beginner's question, but what, if any, is the advantage too shooting createx or other water based airbrush paints verse acrylic diluted with some water? because acrylic is certainly cheaper.
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