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  1. custom crankbait techniques, search under groups Of course there is help to be had if you ask .. I joined a couple months ago .. just to see what other where painting .. it does have other good things .. but it is more of a show case than diy
  2. Id fish with any of you .. as long as I can use my own baits too lol ... I catch more on my balsa baits than plastic baits .. but then again I fish more balsa as well
  3. You cant see it because its a private facebook group , which mark and I are both in custom crankbait techniques .. its mostly just a place people try to impress each other with paint jobs lol .. not so much a how to group
  4. if spraying .. the first few coats are mainly just a sealer, and in many wood lures, sealers, such as kbs, epoxy etc .. raise the grain slightly.. balsa does it .. seal first .. then sand down any raised grain, and if needed additional coats to seal up any places you sanded through the sealer.
  5. Bubbles are probably air in the pores of the wood.. additional coats no longer have the issue, because you sealed it the first time
  6. as far as air compressors .. check pawn shops, flea markets ,craigslist .. I bought a 30 gal tank compressor for 60 bucks at a pawn shop ..
  7. Yes I will say amen to that .. cheap brushes paint great the first few times.. then you spend more time cleaning than painting .. I bought 1 badger airbrushes on eBay .. and an iwata.. now I paint more than I clean .. I have 100 in these .. just bought a used badger crescendo today for 40 bucks shipped .. so buy the cheap ones like I did .. and cuss and scream or just paint
  8. Ive ordered from shelts a few times, always got good product.. I cant speak for everyone .. but the stuff I have ordered has been good quality .. I make more crankbaits than I buy , balsa and cedar.. and recently started making large swim baits.. Im not looking for quantities to resale in plastics , just some for my self and a few friends. Ive also ordered from several us sellers that buy from China .. found a few on facebook forums selling certain plastic cranks.. those have been top notch.
  9. Makes no difference to me one way or the other.. I rarely shop either.. if I do its only cause I'm in a hurry and need something I cant get from, dicks, gander mountan, academy, sportsmans warehouse, local tackle shops or walmart lol.. lots of choices locally besides those two.. Id rather just sit in my underwear and order from anywhere in the world than fool with retail at all .. I make 90% of what I fish with . be it cranks, jigs, spinnerbaits, plastics, etc .. why buy it when you can make it and make it better. The only thing I tend to buy retail is rods, because the shipping is so high for 7ft plus rods
  10. Paulownia grows all around me .. cut and dried is the prob, but the this place isn't more than 2 hr drive .. next trip to Pigeon Forge , I will make a run by there
  11. Megabass lure for sure might be this one DD GRIFFON or a knock off http://en.megabassstore.jp/fs/megabass2/detail-1755 http://www.ebay.ca/itm/361731046907?rmvSB=true
  12. I figured out a way today, without carving .. take the block of wood cut down to the length of the bait you want and thickness of the bait .. cut the body like you would a flat bait on the bandsaw. Find your centers on all sides..chuck it in the lathe.. then use the angle and cup blades to round off the bait , and get the taper to front and back of the lure.. or even cut the basic taper on the bad saw after marking center lines.. its basically the same way a duplicator machine would do .. except instead of a saw blade your using wood lathe chisels. Then use cloth sandpaper to sooth it out on the lathe .. no need to sand after that .. cut the lip drill your holes for hook hangers and belly wieght.. and you're ready for sealer
  13. Im in Chattanooga Gene .. I need to come hang out with you, Learn carving from the master lol
  14. This is a 2yr old post yes .. but good info nevertheless .. I was trying to find a way to make fat bagley B and such easier .. I saw some of the duplicates on youtube .. and would love to make one .. I'm just not much of a mechanic / fabricator .. just dont have the skills needed to make one from scratch. I have many friends that do .. maybe one day I can talk someone into helping me make one. But .. give me instructions I can make about anything lol...and this drill press lathe OMG .. quick and easy way to turn baits until I can swing the price of a real mini lathe or table top lathe .. Yes a mini lathe at is really not that expensive 88 to 150.. but wife bitches if I spend money on tools lol .. "don't you have enough tools ? " she says ..I'm like HA! .. never .. but she does like it when I get repaint work or order for my flat sides.. her hands are all out then. I'm sure some of you have simular situation with wives and girlfriends. I just thought this could help a fellow lure junky
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