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  1. bassinjody

    new batch of crankbaits

    nice baits.
  2. bassinjody

    New Craw

    thanks guys
  3. bassinjody

    Balsa Baitball

    Nice .
  4. bassinjody

    Basic Bream

    Nice looking baits.
  5. bassinjody

    What Is Your Favorite Crankbait Pattern To Paint?

    mine would be Bluegills and shad.
  6. bassinjody

    New batch

    Here's some I just got finished with mostly all plastic bodies expect two balsa ones I made.
  7. bassinjody

    Double Vision

    That's awesome nice colors .
  8. bassinjody

    New Craw

    Here's my new Tropical Craw pattern . I really can't paint craws very good .Its the best so far ,Painted with createx , cleared with Etex .
  9. bassinjody


    thanks guys.
  10. bassinjody


    its been awhile since ive posted any pic ,so heres a few k/o ive painted recently,
  11. bassinjody

    2012 01 11 09.17.30

    man them are great looking baits keep up the good work!
  12. bassinjody

    dec30 005

    man that looks killer !
  13. bassinjody

    IMG 0749

    Looks killer. now all u need is some tenn shad swimbaits
  14. bassinjody


    Hay guys heres my newest thing its a ceiling fan pull bait , hope u like . jody
  15. bassinjody

    More Foam Board

    love the shape of the body!