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  1. luv2rig

    New to the group

    I'm a small lure maker from North Carolina. I've been painting crankbaits for 12 years and making them for 6 years. I joined to learn and to share the things that I have learned the hard way. My crankbaits are called On The Line Lures. I've been looking for kb2 style lips because my source is out of them and I have 1000 lures I need to get out by the end of Dec. Thanks and have a wonderful day!
  2. luv2rig

    Need KB2 Crankbait lips !!!

    I'd like to purchase at least 1000 Killer B2 style lips.
  3. luv2rig

    Crankbait Lips

    I'm looking to purchase 1000 round killer b2 style lips and wires.