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  1. ute

    Tube molds

    The molds that Bear sold were made by Ultramold. They are available on their web-site. Do-It and Enforcer Molds also have splined molds. I am only familiar with the Ultramold tube molds, I have about 25 of them and they are very good molds.
  2. Some dyes, especially chartreuse, will fade in sun light.
  3. Shorty's has them, $30.00 per thousand, plus FET.
  4. ute

    Tokyo rig

    Proberos Fishing. He is in China but they are reliable and the shipping is pretty fast. They also have an Ebay store. I bought 100 of the wires from them, the wires are about an inch longer than VMC, maybe not quiet as heavy, but they worked fine for me.
  5. I agree, the gate is the area where the plastic first enters the bait cavity. It has been my experience over the past 15 years of injecting that if it is a dent problem it is because the gates are too small, if it is a filling problem it is usually venting. I am not saying that temperature or clamp pressure can't play a part, but I feel if they do it is usually because of design to start with.
  6. I doubt that most of the folks that have only been injecting plastic for a few years are aware that Dave is one of the early driving forces that has made injecting what it is today. God bless him and his family.
  7. ute

    Tube Molds

    I bought this mold when Chris was making them for Bear, have gotten several more over the years from Chris and Rupert. It shoots great and makes a really nice tube.
  8. I have tried about everything to clean my Shooting Star pots and WD-40 works the best for me.
  9. A while back Ultramolds was working on one. You could contact Rupert and ask him if they ever started producing it.
  10. ute


    He called me last week, his phone wasn't showing his messages. I had finally reached him on his personnal e-mail
  11. ute


    Has anyone talked to Rupert in the last couple of weeks? I have not been able to connect with him.
  12. There is a picture of a very similiar 4 cavity grub mold on their site. Check the grub page.
  13. Give Bruce a call at Lureworks. He has helped me a couple of times with Bear's colors.
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