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  1. muskydan666

    Pen To Write On Lures?

    Thanks for your help guys!!I'll try that!Dan
  2. muskydan666

    Pen To Write On Lures?

    What kind of pencil(marker)you guys use to mark your lures???I need one compatible with etex epoxy!!??Thank's for any help!!Dan
  3. Hi guys!!Im looking for a place to buy some s.steel screw eyes!The big ones .092 dia. and 1 7/16 long?I know that theres some at luremaking but would like to know if it's possible to get those somewere else???Thank's.Dan
  4. muskydan666


    WOW!!Nice bait!Would like to try one of those!!!
  5. muskydan666

    IMG 3038

    Yes tim i glue it on after the clear is on and julle yes I could post some pics when there done!The action is very nice and they hold up to 8mph easy!Cheers,Dan
  6. muskydan666

    IMG 3038

    My last batch of crank's!Let me know what you think about them!??Thank's. ps:theres no clear on!
  7. muskydan666

    100 7860

    I realy like that pattern!Nice job on those!!
  8. muskydan666

    Epoxy Clear Coat - Rod Building Epoxies?

    Thank's Mark and Bob!i will give it a try!I never used epoxies but I like the result when I look at your baits!How do you put the bait on the drying weel???Do you put the stuff before and then put it on the weel or after???I really look like a newbie now!!!!lol!!!for the epoxie things i am!!thank's for all your help guys!
  9. muskydan666

    Epoxy Clear Coat - Rod Building Epoxies?

    Thank's Mark!I never used any epoxies like those so I realy dont know if it smell bad or if they are toxic.I use 5min. epoxies for my eyes and lips,do they smell like dose???Or it's not the same thing???
  10. muskydan666

    Epoxy Clear Coat - Rod Building Epoxies?

    Hey guys!all those epoxie like nu-luste and d2t do they smell bad??Is it toxic or not that bad???Tank's.Dan
  11. muskydan666

    magik man

    Man your lures and pics are so nice!!! nice work!!!
  12. muskydan666

    Bait w/no name

    WOW!!!!I realy like that one man!!!!Nice work!!!!
  13. muskydan666

    Got A Dumb Question ....

    There's a pic of a firetiger I paint with createx fluo colors!that's what it look's like with some scales,cheers.Dan
  14. muskydan666

    Got A Dumb Question ....

    hi!I use fluo yellow and fluo green createx and it look's great,i also like to add some gold scales to my firetiger it look's great!.Good luck,Dan
  15. muskydan666

    New work.

    and that one to!!!nice work!