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  1. quick20xd

    Painting Eyes ?

    Sean- You are dead-on about the paint. Getting the right thickness makes all the difference in the world. I use createx paints. But I put some in very small containers just for painting eyes. Those containers I left open for a while to thicken the paint. I want the paint thick enough to make a thick flat glob on the end of the dowel when I dip it. But not so thick that it strings off after dotting the paint on the lure surface. It is something you will have to experiment with. I use 6 different sizes of wooden dowels to paint eyes. The smallest for the pupil is the stick from a cotten tipped appicator (oversized medical Q-tip). I always sand the end of the dowel to remove leftover paint before starting. And to insure I have a nice smooth surface. The other thing I might add is when I dot the paint on the lure. I make sure the dowel never touches the surface of the lure. That contact can lead to an uneven surface of the painted eye. When I was first starting out I would spray a thin coat of rattle can clear on the front of my crankbait to protect my paint job. That way if I messed up the eyes. I could easily wipe it off and try again. That's just my 2 cents. I hope it helps. Ernie
  2. quick20xd

    Megabass 110 Knockoffs

    My take on KOs is much like some others here. I don't paint cranks to make money. I fish with the lures I paint, and I paint for my friends and family. If I am going to the time and effort to paint a lure. I am going to do it right. And I want to know it will run right when I'm done. I have painted some KOs and the ones that ran right still didn't perform as well as a name brand crank. And, you can bet your crankbait box, that with my luck if one out of five doesn't run right. That will be the one I've taken the most pains with to get perfect. Now, after all that work is done I have a lovely key chain ornament!!! I'd rather find some name brand cranks in butt-ugly colors on sell. Or find some on ebay than run the risk with a KO. Even with name brand cranks every once and a while you'll get one that the rattle weight is locked up on one side and if you don't notice it before repainting. You 've made an instant Christmas tree ornament. Because that thing will never run right! That said, I would rather pay more and take my chances with a name brand crank.
  3. quick20xd

    Denatered Alcohol

    I just bought some Saturday in the paint department at Wal-Mart.
  4. quick20xd

    Why Do You Make Your Own Crankbaits?

    You absolutely can make a lure that will perform differently from those available on the commercial market. I have never found a commercial bait the will run like a "home-made" cedar flatside for example. You will have the flexability to custom build, custom paint and custom weight the lures to your liking. Not just modifying something out-of-the-box. Biggest reason: The gratification of catching fish on something you made. There is nothing better than spanking a competitive field of tournament anglers and getting a check with a lure you made.
  5. quick20xd

    Top Of The Line 3d Lure Eyes?

    Another vote for Predator Lures!
  6. quick20xd

    Stencil Material

    Don't for get the old trusty plastic coffee can lid, plastic business cards and old view foil slides work pretty well.
  7. quick20xd

    Ultra-vibe Blades

    I was afraid that was the case. I am down to my last 4. I was going to try Simmon's and some of the big zoom retailers. I just wanted to make a few more spinnerbaits for myself. I am in Knoxville. Spent a lot of time on Douglas over the years. Thanks for the reply!
  8. quick20xd

    Ultra-vibe Blades

    Does anyone sell Ultra-Vibe Blades anymore? I know they used to be packaged and sold as replacement blades by Zoom. I would like to find some more. Thanks for your help!
  9. quick20xd

    Some New Baits

    Those are awesome!
  10. quick20xd

    You know you are addicted when:

    When you have a bag of 8 onions shipped Fed Ex from Hawaii because you think mesh bag they come in has a cool pattern in the catalog. When you are admiring the awesome small mouth jigs you tied while your wife is questioning you about the hair that's missing from her beloved dogs tail.
  11. quick20xd

    Purchase Devcon 2T Here!!!!!

    Ordered (3) of the 9oz bottles today from [/b]:popupWindow('http://www.hobbyclub.com/popup_image.php?pID=714')"] Devcon S-33 2-Ton 30-minute epoxy 9oz = $ 10.50 Available also as 6 sets per carton = $54.00
  12. quick20xd

    Need a quick drying wheel

    One other option: I have used D2T for years and have never turned a bait on a drying wheel. After I brush the epoxy on I go over it with a heat gun which reacts, thins and smooths the coating. Then I just hang them up to dry. I'm sure you probably get a more consistant finish using a drying wheel but I really have no complaints. Just a thought:
  13. quick20xd

    Whats on your work bench right now

    For me: its 4 custom crankbaits to be sold at the United Way Charity Auction. Last year 4 cranks brought $65 for the cause. Hey Haz- Like your joint spacers on the swimbait!
  14. quick20xd

    Color Transfer Airbrush Paints

    Spaz Stix paints are lacquer based and all appropriate safety precausions should be used. Now that the disclaimer is out of the way: I have used them for years and they work great. If you have any questions send me an IM. I'll sure try to help.
  15. quick20xd

    crank bait final coat

    Anyone know what material he was using in the video to get the bar pattern? That was too cool!