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  1. Found this very recent video by FLW pro David Dudley, he takes an old Rattle bait and shows how he foils. This should be helpful fir guys that need a visual aid ( like me)
  2. Yes they do, Anglin AI is on word, and enforcer is based in Canada they both have there own web sites
  3. I'll see you in the soft plastic forum homie, I'm happy you will still be around cause you are a wealth of information that is too valuable to lose
  4. I posted up pictures of list I have in a new post, I hope that helps, I didn't know how to send them to you via PM
  5. I'm a HUGE fan of Enforcer molds, I love there paddle tail frog so much www.enforcerbaitmolds.com as far as cavities, I'm not sure if he offers a multiple cavity one or not but he is super easy to work with, his single is $45 plus shipping. I gave his and one from do it and his just kicks butt. Just FYI, he offers two style of paddle tail frogs, and his flat tail toads are the best on the market, I honestly believe that good luck
  6. When tying small jigs, like hair jigs and such I whip finish, I got use to a hand whip finish but when my hands hurt, I go right to my tool when I tie jigs with rubber skirts, I catch a loop, which is just a modified half hitch, it real secure too, what ever way you go, just learn to do it right, it's so important, you really can't go wrong
  7. For inks I buy from Lure craft, Spike it ( Lure works)and Dead on plastic for Glitter Lure craft and Spike it ( Lure works) plastic i am currently using Bait plastic ( Polysol) molds. Hand pour, Lure craft, Dead on and Moose ridge injection molds. Enforcer, Angling AI, BTS and Do it are my top choices i hope this helps, good luck, peace
  8. A picture would be helpfull if possible any who, Collins Molds is worth looking into, he has an eBay store cnc-works other than that I don't know any other cnc mold makers for lead, most concentrate on plastic, Do it is the only one doing sand casting any more, Hilts is pretty much gone and I don't recal them having spoons. good luck
  9. I have been a member since 2005, I don't come on here very often cause I can find better more willing help their places, I'm on several FB pages and the help I got there in 3 years out weight the help I've gotten here in 14 ( I was a lurker for one). That is sad but true. Side note, I hate the term "Real" cause it come from an authoritative stand point. Who the EF are you? But that's just my issue I've come back recently myself for one reason, to share the snot out of what ever I know, I'm holding nothing back One of the pages I follow on FB has my all time favorite rule, the page is about Painting Lures with a airbrush Their rule, if you post a picture you Must post a commentary on how it was done, if you don't, they remove your post and ask you to post again with instructions. It's sole purpose is to teach, showing your work is secondary. That is something I know would never fly on TU. I mainly concentrate on Plastics and lead, I'm learning more on hard baits, my ultimate goal is to build swimbaits Sadly I know where to find information when I get stuck and it's not here. With the exception of Mark Poulson And Two other members, Cadman and Smalljaw help is difficult I'm not a fan of lost knowledge, no matter how simple it is, knowledge list is a tragedy. I have for years now tried to find information on Late member Bojons Method for horizontal tube dipping, he had a complete methods or system that worked great, I have found people who own a CD that he made but are unwilling to share it, not unable But literally unwilling. Only thing I haven't tried is contacting his daughter but finding her has been impossible for me. It may be easy to do but now that has become a lost system and that to me is unacceptable I'm back for one purpose and that is to share what I have learned, when I get better at lure carving, I'm going to share that, I hold nothing back, I've had private messages asking me to stop before, I responded not to kindly. I remember the original purpose of this site and that was an exchange of knowledge and teaching those that are new, it's how the hobby grows, on here though there has been an impasse, Ego and bickering took over, that has called down a bit. Just so you know there are many many lure makers out there and they are making incredible lures, they are just not here, some have tried and left but trust when I say Lure making by hand is alive and well, they just stay away from here. That is troubling for a site built to help others that simply does not.
  10. I use glitter from both Lure works/spike it and lure craft, they are the absolute best I've have tried,. Colorants, again Lureworks and I'm have been playing with Dead on plastics colors lately, they are translucent but I do dig them so far, btw the Plastic that Dead in sells takes multiple reheats well, worth looking in to. Dead on plastic and Lure works are my #1 & 2 brands for inks, glitter and Plastic, i think you will be pleased if you try them peace
  11. I've been trying for years...YEARS ive poke and prodded and I had a few people offer then nothing its not a big deal to put up the information but man people hold on to it like its Gold, I just stopped trying, I'm not going to ice skate up hill anymore, I just bought a mold and I'm happy, I'm not a fan of losing anything. I don't care if it's easy or not complicated it's a technique that's going to get lost. have you tried just looking it up on the web? I have and it's the same, no one wants to give up the ghost. I'm done searching, getting my hopes high and then getting key down so I just bought my mold and I also learned how to dip tubes, i found a different group on Facebook that holds nothing back when it comes to helping, I spend most my time on there learning and now teaching, getting info here has become a hassle, I rarely come on here cause on the FB pages guys actually try to help each other with everything, my learning curve tripled at least, on here it's like pulling teeth and that's a shame cause the whole point of this site is to help good luck to anyone trying to get that info, I'm out of the loop
  12. Try tackle warehouse first, free shipping on over $50 purchase, it might be rare but I just bought two molds from there last Friday, got my package Saturaday morning like I said rare but it was also free shipping and you can but a few hooks from there too. This option will save you cash, they don't have every mold, hook but I use them after that I go strait to Barlows or Zeiners .
  13. I had the same problem, it's cause you used platinum cure, you want a tin cure when your master is made of plastic, you can clean it all you want still going to have the same issue, it will work with any other master. i was making a copy of of a worm I liked and that happened, the platinum reacts badly with the plastisol, think if I remember correctly it was the sulfur. So now I use Tin cure for mold making. Live and learn
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