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  1. Take a look at Chris Jones You Tube channel Worlds Worst Fishing he has a video on how to pour it and at the end a swimming action video, he also helped design it as well.
  2. Try Lure craft under Grubs, they hand poured mold, they have something similar good luck
  3. That is a BTS mold, Bobs tackle shack, great mold btsmolds.com
  4. I'm following this thread, I can't seem to match it myself either
  5. Found this very recent video by FLW pro David Dudley, he takes an old Rattle bait and shows how he foils. This should be helpful fir guys that need a visual aid ( like me)
  6. Yes they do, Anglin AI is on word, and enforcer is based in Canada they both have there own web sites
  7. I'll see you in the soft plastic forum homie, I'm happy you will still be around cause you are a wealth of information that is too valuable to lose
  8. I posted up pictures of list I have in a new post, I hope that helps, I didn't know how to send them to you via PM
  9. I'm a HUGE fan of Enforcer molds, I love there paddle tail frog so much www.enforcerbaitmolds.com as far as cavities, I'm not sure if he offers a multiple cavity one or not but he is super easy to work with, his single is $45 plus shipping. I gave his and one from do it and his just kicks butt. Just FYI, he offers two style of paddle tail frogs, and his flat tail toads are the best on the market, I honestly believe that good luck
  10. When tying small jigs, like hair jigs and such I whip finish, I got use to a hand whip finish but when my hands hurt, I go right to my tool when I tie jigs with rubber skirts, I catch a loop, which is just a modified half hitch, it real secure too, what ever way you go, just learn to do it right, it's so important, you really can't go wrong
  11. For inks I buy from Lure craft, Spike it ( Lure works)and Dead on plastic for Glitter Lure craft and Spike it ( Lure works) plastic i am currently using Bait plastic ( Polysol) molds. Hand pour, Lure craft, Dead on and Moose ridge injection molds. Enforcer, Angling AI, BTS and Do it are my top choices i hope this helps, good luck, peace
  12. A picture would be helpfull if possible any who, Collins Molds is worth looking into, he has an eBay store cnc-works other than that I don't know any other cnc mold makers for lead, most concentrate on plastic, Do it is the only one doing sand casting any more, Hilts is pretty much gone and I don't recal them having spoons. good luck
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