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  1. I want to make a countdown bait in the shape of a blue gill, that can be bounce on the bottom like a jig. There is a swin bait like this but i want to try it out of wood and make it a little smaller. I am interested if anyone else has tried this. i am thinking to weight it on the bottom of the nose with a small lip for a little wobble when sinking, lifted and/or jerked(or would a flat face like a rattle trap do the same?) Line tie would be high on the head or on the nose. I want the hooks to stick up away from the bottom to reduce snags. The tail would be a "marabou tied" treble or weedless single to give the simulation of movement while bait is feeding or dieing on the bottom.
  2. Tenka

    Drying wheel purchase??

    bass lures poppers, plugs and a cranks. The longest bait i'll need it for will be a rapala original clone, 7" to 8"
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    accidental discovery

    So a lacquer based sanding sealer and lacquer based paints, Got it! Thanks. i have some left over RC car paint that is lacquer based. That will save me a few bucks on this. I am looking for a used Rotissory I don't have the tools to make my own wheel but i do have to means to convert a rotisory to a drying wheel for my smaller baits. I hope to get one thru ebay, pawn shop, or garage sell soon. Thanks again for the help
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    accidental discovery

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    Drying wheel purchase??

    First off, I'm new here. Thanks for all the great ideas you have given so far. I need a drying wheel but don't have time or tools to make one. Where can i buy a 4 to 8 lure wheel, complete?