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  1. Jason

    Green River Minnow

  2. Jason

    9 " brown trout

  3. Jason

    My Daughter named the pattern Big Glob of Pooh!

  4. Jason

    Two New 7" Clone Patterns

  5. Jason

    Bubble Float Lures?????????

  6. Jason

    swimbait , very first attempt

    Very good thread! It's great how you have taken the time to explain everything in great detail. I'm hooked
  7. Jason

    spray on clear coat

    I tried Minwax spray on urathane and it failed on me. I put about 10 coats on as well. First dunk in the drink I had a swell crack. Just my experience though.
  8. Jason

    Lip Material

    I buy lexan from Home Chepo by the sheet.
  9. Jason

    Musky Snax Bluegill

  10. Jason

    Musky Snax Bluegill

  11. Jason

    2008 Oak Musky Snax Trout