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  1. I live in Switzerland and order a fair amount of my lure making supplies from the USA, (both for choice and price). In exchange for a few free painted Cranks, I ship them to a friend in Washington DC (with a Swiss wife) who then mails them to me with GIFT written on the package, (which avoids the import tax), or brings them over at Christmas in his suitcase. Sure not express delivery but this method has probably saved me few dollars over the past few years :-) I just want to specify, I am not buying anything to resell and we are talking max 20-30 blanks,5/10$ worth of eyes and maybe a couple of small bottles of Createx at a time!
  2. Green_Fingers

    Red Ear Sunfish

    Looks great to me, really nice fading from the brown to orange and i love the eyes you used on this one. Simon
  3. Great looking shad, how long is it? Also some very nice combo's of 3 color pours! Simon
  4. Green_Fingers

    Peacock Bass 2.5

    Another joetheplumber color scheme i think i maybe trying to copy very soon! Did you paint the pointy stripes in yellow first then fill them in with black shot through an identical but slightly smaller stencil? I have heard that you have a healthy population of Peacock bass (and snake-head!) in the canals in Florida now!? I know the USA is a big country, but just saying you don't need to go all the way to Brazil/Amazon to catch them!
  5. Green_Fingers

    Custom 1.5

    Appreciate it! Thx Joe.
  6. Green_Fingers

    Custom 1.5

    Awesome. Mhh think I might have to steal that color scheme..not that i will be able to pull it off as well as you have!
  7. Green_Fingers

    Mama Rat and her babies

    Funky and original whats not to like!
  8. Beautiful..very clean work on your scales how do you get the netting to stay so tightly to the lure body so you end up with such perfect scales?
  9. Green_Fingers

    Firetiger swimbait

    Awesome..as usual!
  10. Green_Fingers


    I love them all! Are the transparent paints you use from Createx or another brand?
  11. Green_Fingers

    My baits

    seeing as they way 1.75 g's and are only .65" long, i am guessing lead wire and powder paint coating!?
  12. Awesome talk about 'pushing the boat out'.. I think you just sent the boat to Australia!!!!
  13. I think some photos might help better explain what you are doing , I don't understand if you are making a hollow or solid crank-bait. cheers Simon
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