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    wood bodies

    I use to buy some wood crankbait bodies from stamina but they quit selling them this year so I am on the search again. There use to be a sponsor on this site that was always at the top of the page that sold wood bodies and weight but I can't remember the name. Any suggestions on sponsor or new place to buy the wood bodies. These were a flat sided shad body. I would make them but don't always have time.
  2. JeffG


    How is everyone putting on the Gills on their crankbaits. I see some that seem to perfect for a stencil. I will paint one and be happy and the next is not the greatest.....so what is it stamps for stencils. Thanks in advance for any info.
  3. I have never tried to airbrush plastics but with all the paddle tail tube going on I am going to try this. Any good tips? any don't? Do I need special paint? will the Creatrex paint work? I am not new to airbrushing just new to airbrushing soft plastics.
  4. I have the same brush and have that problem. My Problem was in the aircap body has 6 little holes that would get clogged all the time. I used a very small wire to clean out the holes and resolve my issue. I like my VL until it is time to clean it. I just upgraded because I was tired of taking it apart to clean which was the only way I was happy when changing colors. I hope this helps ...refer to the parts list at http://www.paascheairbrush.com/2005_parts/vl_vls_airbrushes.pdf
  5. I am sorry to hear you ar leaving when I just was reallying getting to find out who the rookie AKA tater hog was. I am jealous of your paint jobs and we be honest that i have saved many pictures you have posted to use as templates for what I will paint. Please come back and visit and share your input even if is is only thru a PM. I will continue to watch the tater on ebay.
  6. I think Bobp hit it on the head. I use the blue masking tape and don't have any issues.
  7. Del, are the mold done? when can we see them?
  8. Does anyone have some balsa body half they want to sell. I am just playing around and want to save some time on making some shallow running balsa baits. I wanted to start with some balsa bodies (2 halfs) that i can make a wire thru balsa bait. Looking to make something like a D-bait but does not have to be exact.
  9. I have had good luch with thinning with isopro alcohol. I was afraid of the denatured because of what is would do to the paint. I was able to smear creartex paint with denatured alcohol during a test. I think the thing you need to watch for when you thin is getting bubbles in your final coat. I am just putting on a protective coat over paited plastice baits so if I brush a thin coat I do not have problems.
  10. It is a bass jig that Team Supreme use to make and thoes are rattles next to it.
  11. I am wanting to make some jigs like this jig. I would like to get some jigs poured or a mold like this. Any help on either idea would be great. Where to get mold or jigs poured. Thanks http://www.tackleunderground.com/photos/index.php?n=159
  12. JeffG

    Jig I need

    Looking to find someone that can pour a jig in this shape
  13. JeffG

    how much weight

    How do you figure out how much weight to add to a wood bait? and where in bottom of bait do you put it? Example how much would I add if I am wanting to make a flat sided bait like a Dee bait. 2 to 2 1/2" flat sided balsa crank? and where would you add?
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