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  1. How much is this worth?

    Actual I'm the one selling the stuff I just wanted to see if what I was asking is fair. If anyones interested it's in the classified section.
  2. How much is this worth?

    Some I know is selling 52 4 oz bottles of unused paint. 25 bottles of wildlife colors and 27 bottles of createx. He wants $150 and says it cost him with shipping $250 Is it worth it?
  3. Are single action airbrushes better?

    I know epoxys are popular but I've been looking into other options as well. The other options are just too expesisve so when I'm ready to clear I think I'll go with epoxy to start out. I have everything I need to make a drying wheel I just haven't gotten around to it.
  4. Are single action airbrushes better?

    Hey I was just looking in your gallery and you have a bomber long a in there. Thats what I want to paint mostly. What did you use to clear coat that? I painted some up but can't decide what to use for a clear? I was thinking about devcon but I thought it might mess the action up with it's weight. Aslo that bomber looks sweet nice foil job.
  5. Are single action airbrushes better?

    Yeah thats what I thought I was just making sure. I've seen single actions in use and they look like a pain in the but. I'm happy with my Iwata so far but I haven't used it much. I had a paasche syphon feed before this and it was a nightmare. It kept clogging and it was hard to clean. By the way are you from Michigan?
  6. I have an Iwata Eclipse gravity feed but someone told me single action airbrushes are better. Are single actions easyer to use? Can single actions do better detail?
  7. spend a little more money up front.

    I agree those Iwata's are nice aren't they. I just had to gloat I thought the same thing when I switched from Paschae. Like the above stated practice on something like cardboard. I bought a pad of newsprint paper to practice on. It realy helps to experament with airpresure and paint thinning. Going cheap to start realy isn't a bad idea because who wants to sink a bunch of money into something thier not sure they can do or would like. Youtube is great for airbrushing videos I learned quite a bit from there.
  8. Compressor noise

    Once you get a compressor and if you want to quiet it more build a wooden box to cover it. I bought my compressor at Walmart and it's loud. I built a wooden box to cover it and lined it with styrofoam, then I bought a computer fan for $3.99 and put it on the back of the box, it cut the noise in half. You could build a box for $10 or $15.
  9. Paint

    Yeah I know what your saying personaly I'd like to see someone paint a bait out of curiosity to see what I'm doing different. I've only been painting for about 2 months. A year or so ago this board used to have alot more info on it. From what I understand is the site crashed or something and alot of it was lost. Thier was some realy good stuff when I did my searches.
  10. Paint

    Oh yeah heres a good video I found very useful.
  11. Paint

    Check out you tube lots of videos on airbrushing. I'm still a beginer but Im learning all kinds of stuff from the forum. I can do a basic paint job on lure with shadeing and stuff. But right now I'm learning dagger strokes. I bought some news print paper and I've been praticing on it for the last week at least a couple hours a day. It help me to figure out PSI for which type painting I'm doing and I'm tampering around with paint thickness and stuff. It's also helping me get familiar with the airbrush. If you want to paint a good lure you have to learn how to airbrush not just airbrush lures.
  12. Painting w/Airbrush

    Youtube has all kinds of video's on how to use an airbursh.
  13. air compressor ???

    I got mine at walmart it has a built in regulator and 2 gallon tank. It's good to go right out of the box I paid $70. The only thing I don't like about it is it sounds like a jackhemmer in my basement. I built a wooden box to to silence it and I put a $3 computer fan on the box to keep it cool.
  14. spoon making video

    I live in Detroit my uncle used to work at Eppinger making Dardevles. Now he works at another plant. We were talking the other day about making some spoon dies. He's good friends with the owner where he works now and can get free press time on the weekends. I was thinking about paying someone to make me some dies. From what I understand they're not hard if you have the know how and epuipment. I have the know how but no equipment. I could do it all but except I'd need a edm to cut the punch. Since an edm is a million dollar machine I'm SOL. If I come into some money I'd like to try having some dies made.
  15. painting setups

    One more this is my airbrush and compressor. I built a wooden box to silence the compressor. I put a computer fan on the back to keep it cool. The compressor itself came from walmart I paid $70 for it and is noisey as all hell but the box helps alot.