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  1. Cranky Fish

    A Few Createx Questions

    As far as your base coat goes. I use spray paint. I use flat white for crisp colors but if you start with a almond or antique base coat your final product seems to look more natural. It gives it that bone base coat. If you are going to finish in the blues or greens I suggest the white base. If you are trying to feather in blacks browns and greys you need to use the almond or antique.
  2. Cranky Fish

    Bandit Unpainted Bodies

    Janns Netcraft
  3. Cranky Fish

    Removing Paint From A Factory Bait To Make It Clear

    Has anyone tried paint thinner? If that is too strong, what about dipping in mineral spirits.
  4. Cranky Fish

    Terminator Hybrid

    Thank you very much. I appreciate the help!
  5. Cranky Fish

    Terminator Hybrid

    I need help finding a place to order a lure. I want the new Terminator hybrid buzzbait-spinnerbait. Terminators website does not let you purchase anything. Bass Pro said the blades had been on backorder for over a year and they just couldn't get them. Does anyone know where I can get them?
  6. Cranky Fish

    Threadfin Shad Blue Mix

    I can tell you a very cool way to get the color you want. Look up Ben Franklin crafts. Type in Pearl Ex in the search. I like to use Createx pearl white cut very thin and add in the interference blue and interference violet powder. I stumbled on the powder a couple years ago. It takes some trial and error to get the powder mix right to shoot in an airbrush. I found that using one of the cheapo 10 dollar airbrushes I can get a better coverage because I can really ramp up the air pressure. I try not to use it in my Paasch brush, however you can shoot it just make sure to clean the brush well. The best way I have found is to shoot WD-40 through my brush.
  7. Cranky Fish

    Electrical Redo?

    I may have overlooked it but do you have leads for your depth finders?
  8. Cranky Fish

    Bouncer crank

    Very impressive. I would definetly fish this!
  9. Cranky Fish

    Fading Paint

    I know that it might sound crazy, but try turning the air pressure up another 20 pounds or so and dial the paint flow down to about half of what you typically use. Hold your brush about a foot away from the lure surface and start shooting BEHIND the lure. Slowly work your way in to the surface with quick side to side passes. It takes some practice but I am pleased with results.
  10. Cranky Fish

    Airbrush And Compressor System...?

    I've been airbrushing lures for about 10 years now. I asked a friend who brushes professionally when I wanted to get started. He has 25 years experience brushing everything from lures shirts cars bikes etc. He turned me on to the Paasch VL double action. I keep 2 set up at all times. He runs from 6 to 10. I get exactly what I want from my finish. The kit comes with all 3 needle sizes and all 3 tips. In my opinion you would be hard pressed to find a more dependable or versatile airbrush. As for the compressor, unless you need absolute quiet pick up a 2 to 5 gallon tank compressor from Walmart. If you have problems, take it back!
  11. Cranky Fish

    New here and of course, looking for info.

    Give the Createx colors a try first. I think you will be pleased.
  12. Cranky Fish

    New here and of course, looking for info.

    You sure know how to open a can of worms! Keep check on your post. There should be several hundred replies before long! Just kidding with you. Welcome to TU! I don't know whether or not you will be airbrushing or hand painting. I guess the best advice that I could give you is to start with acrylics. They are easier to learn with and a lot less hassle when it comes to cleanup. As far as the sealer, most here use an epoxy topcoat! Good luck and happy painting!
  13. Cranky Fish

    New guy: hi to all

    Throw the man a rope! We always have room for one more.
  14. Cranky Fish

    Small Octogon Wire Mesh?? HELP!

    I don't know what the pattern is exactly but what about old window screens?
  15. Cranky Fish

    Ether Flat Baits

    Nice looking bait! I'd fish it.