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  1. DaveG

    Big Dipper

    11 Inch Big Dipper, pull bait made from hardwood.
  2. DaveG

    Attaching Foil

  3. DaveG

    Attaching Foil

    For kitchen foil mark around your bait with plenty of hangover to over the top and bottom apply the scale pattern, I assume you have no issues with this part so i`ll leave it there now apply a thin even film of 5 minute epoxy over one side of the bait wait 2-3 mins place the foil on the bait and apply light pressure with a sponge pressing light but evenly leave for an hour and do the other side, the top and bottom of the bait can be smoothed over with a blunt object tapping down anything thats sticks up. epoxy with etex so that the overlapping is well covered, paint top and bottom of the bait to cover the joins and finish the bait as needed with two final coats of etex, it gets easier with practise like everything else.
  4. DaveG

    Thinning Createx

    Have you tried Createx own brand of reducers? its what I use and get good results, I also use acrylics which I reduce down with window cleaner.
  5. DaveG

    Mixing Etex?

    No need to weigh I started using these food measuring spoons used in cooking years ago, choose the spoon size depending on the amount of etex needed, pour equal amounts and stir for 5 mins, job done. http://i.ebayimg.com/00/s/NTAwWDUwMA==/z/hb0AAMXQM0FRd-gW/$(KGrHqQOKp0E-EhjCtzzBRd-gVz+4w~~60_1.GIF?set_id=8800005007
  6. DaveG

    School Me On Airbrushing!

    I started with a cheap Chinese brush that came with the compressor and I had issues with it from the start with clogging and splatter, I thought it must be something I was doing wrong..? I did a little research and went for the Iwata Hi Line with mac adjust valve, I bought it from from Ebay straight from Japan for half the price I would pay from an airbrush store, its been a revelation! sprays Createx paints and acrylics (which are less than half the cost of airbrush paints) that have been reduced with window cleaner, I shoot a cup warm water through between colors and have very few problems now.
  7. I sometimes get inconsistent results with Envirotex and get the bubble problem which sometimes if raining outside can be a real pain, Iv been thinking about it a lot of late and I decided to try some Etex in the microwave, I normally warm the bottles in warm water for half an hour before mixing which seems to help. But this time I measured out the etex into a small cup and microwaved the two parts for 30 secs before mixing, I could feel the etex getting warm as I mixed it in the cup, I then waited 5 mins then applied to two baits, the results were very little bubbles and the baits are touch dry in 4 hours, so far im very happy and reckon Im onto something Happy new year everyone
  8. DaveG

    Envirotex Lite vs. Devcon vs. Flexcoat

    An article you might find interesting... http://www.ohiogamefishing.com/community/showthread.php?t=85364
  9. DaveG

    Best Or Favorite Airbrush Paints

    Yes learn to clean your airbrush and flush after each color, I blast a cup of warm water through after each color and never wait as the paint will be much harder to clean out if it starts to dry. As for the paints I too started with Createx but Im gradually using more artist acrylics thinned with window cleaner, still lots of experimenting to do and having fun while doing so.
  10. DaveG

    Envirotex Question

    To give yourself the best chance of a avoiding the obvious running downwards try and get it on a turner or by hand if its done manually, also warm the etex first by putting the bottles in hot water..not boiling though! leave for at least 30 mins this will thin the etex and create less bubbles, mix thoroughly and leave in a warm place for a while, this will depend on where you are because humidity affects the way etex behaves, 70-80 degrees is a good temp range. Check after 10-15 mins and it should now be starting to thicken, if not leave another 10 or so, then apply, it should have less chance of running if its thicker obviously, then keep an eye on it and turn every 5 mins if done manually, it should be ok to leave after a few hours if left in warm conditions of about 80 degrees.
  11. DaveG

    Making 3D Scales

    Looking good J, each time you make these foiled baits you will think that you could have done something a bit better until you have all the little issues nailed down, good fun learning though and the hours fly by like minutes
  12. DaveG

    Air Brush Cleaning Pot

    To clean my airbrush after a session I just run a few cups of warm water through which is an Iwata Hi-Line, now and again I soak the whole brush in warm water for an hour, works for me.
  13. DaveG

    Air Brush Cleaning Pot

    I made one, I took an old plastic drinks bottle threw away the top, made a hole in the side of the bottle 2/3 rds way up just big enough to fit the front of my airbrush into with a snug fit, then made a filter in the top from 2 sheets of paper kitchen towel held over the top with elastic bands.
  14. DaveG

    Making 3D Scales

    Thanks J, I guess if we can all help each other it will save time and money Dave
  15. DaveG

    Making 3D Scales

    To show you some more pics have a look on my blog here http://greeniespiking.blogspot.co.uk/