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  1. Yamamoto Shad Shape Worm makes a perfect replica of the shad shape his is called the mole worm
  2. Custom Aluminum molds

    Custom aluminum mold maker out of Ohio.
  3. Big Grub Mold

    Not sure if this is what your looking for if not they can make it pretty quick.
  4. Mold suppliers?

    Try he can custom make you one with very little lead time maybe a couple weeks that would be for the programming and everything, email on his site he will get back to you the next day.
  5. Best Molds

    you can try I have a few molds from them very nice indeed.
  6. Need Help With Color

    Did you click on the link in my post "morning Dawn?" If you click on the link it has a recipe.
  7. Need Help With Color

    Not sure if this is what your looking for.
  8. quad hook?

    Strike king super quad hook
  9. New tube mold

    Not sure if you could do one like the one you are talking about. I have an idea how to try it. It may take some time but if it works I will let you know, and post a picture.
  10. New tube mold

    If you wanted a 3 color dip, kmolds could make the cavities and rods smaller then you could pull the tubes out with the rods left in and then dip them in your other colors. If you had a divided pyrex cup you could pour laminates, and swirls with the mold as well. I did some tequilla sunrise swirls for someone last week. I have 2- 8 rod dipping tools that I use when I dip, just gets to be a pain. Using the mold is so much easier. Wish I had a video recorder to show the process how fast and easy it really is.
  11. New tube mold

    It would depend, like I said I have done both ways and to dip and get it the same thickness as a mold hand poured I would have to dip at least 2 times depending on salt content, so that is why I said pouring is faster. And T-man I am sure he would not say dipping is faster, if you read his post again he already said he could not say because he has never used a mold to make tubes, but I have done it both ways and pouring is faster. As fast as the pot will pour. When dipping you have to let the first dip set for a couple of seconds before the second coat, and by the time I do the second coat I have already poured my second tube and on to the third one. I am not sure how bojon does his but that is how I dipped mine, so that is why I say pouring is faster. It all depends on how thick you want your tubes with dipping, but with pouring they are perfect every time with the same consistency, now if you had a setup to where you could dip 10 tube rods at once then it would be as fast maybe faster. Too many variables to honestly say which is faster. Hope this answered some questions.
  12. New tube mold

    I use the same cutter as bojon. I have no problems with this mold, it is not made like a tender tube type its more of a flipping tube if you keep the mold warm and the plastic hot you will have no problems. If you want a thinner walled tube kmolds can probably make a thicker rod. And bojon you can pour tubes fast with this mold in my opinion this is much faster than dipping I have done both. Also you can make a solid head with it for better hook holding properties. Hope this helped.
  13. New tube mold

    Got my new tube mold from this thing pours really nice. Now I wish I had a pneumatic tail cutter.
  14. Iovino Worm

    You can check with I believe he was working on a 4" slider style worm.
  15. Swimbait Molds

    Are you talking about the 4" Aluminum one from lurecraft? If you are I have it and really like it they swim pretty good and definitely catch fish. If you have any questions about it just let me know.