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  1. Rayburnguy, Do you use bloxygen on the top hole after every time you use ? seeing when opening both ends it would draw air in.
  2. Has anyone tried this. I had a guy call me today and he said he uses it and coats about 700 lures a day with it. http://www.creativewholesale.com/ProductDetail/tabid/174/ProductID/15/Default.aspx?SortField=free3+desc%2Cproductname
  3. Thanks, I have them now, it is hard to capture the colors on them with a picture.
  4. Hey Guy's Just wanted to give a heads up, I hope to have the rattling wiggle warts with transparent holo paper ( prism type ) and holographic in stock Monday 12/29/14 I am also coming out with a one knocker type that will slow rise, it will have one tungsten ball as the Knocker, it is believed that it changes the action because of the tungsten moving from side to side, it will still have a lead rattle ball also, I hope to have them some time toward the middle or end of Jan. I also had a new mold built for the 2.5 square bill using a LC RC 2.5 that are now in stock. the old 2.5 lure t
  5. My 2 biggest fish today came off a craw pattern.
  6. Thanks Mark. Also to those that offered If I am in need of some flat warts I will let you know.
  7. OK, I purchased a craw color one off ebay, I will put it to use and see how it works.
  8. I tested one that I weighted internally and the suspending model I will have in a couple months or less will be right around needing or not needing the Dot, depends on hook weight and clear coat weight. Yes the suspending models had the 3rd lead ball.
  9. Mark, I would like to get the deeper diver flat warts but I do not know if there is enough buyers to make it worth the mold cost. I am working on a suspending model right now. To get the extra weight needed and seeing the lure does not have many places to add weight the only thing I see I can do is put 2pcs of 5mm tungsten ball in the front chamber , this will add 2grams to the lure, but the only rattle it will have is the one loose rattle ball but that might be a good thing as well the 2pcs of tungsten will slightly rattle.
  10. Blackjack, are you willing to sell me 1-2 of them ?
  11. Thanks, I never seen one or heard about it before but someone told me there was a deeper diver version of the wiggle wart that dives to 13' and he called it a WD wiggle Wart, does anyone know of this model and were I can get a couple so I can get them built ?
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