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  1. Gloomisman


    all sold
  2. Still here. I mostly spin cast now though. A lot has changed in 14 years.
  3. Purple with green flake. $9 a bag of 100. I have 4 bags. $8 for bag of about 90 pcs Pumpkin chartreuse barbwire $9 a bag of 100. I have 5 bags. $3 shipping on any amount. 5 bags or more free shipping.
  4. Gloomisman

    1/10 weedguards

    Does anyone happen to have some 1/10" weedguards. Looking for Black, gp, and brown. about 100 of each color
  5. Does anyone make a big craw trailer or mold? I'm looking for trailer bigger then a Rage Lobster. Possibly even bigger then a Venom Craw.
  6. Gloomisman

    17 jig heads. All new

    17 jig heads. All new  Roundball 6. 3/16 black blue 1 5/16. Green pumpkin football light wire 2 3/8 watermelon black 5. 1/2 black blue enraged 2. 1/2 oz 1. 1oz $20 shipped
  7. Brand new 16mm rattles. 1000 pack. 75 shipped.
  8. Does anyone have a source of bone white or khaki colored living rubber?
  9. Does anyone know of a place that spin cast this small of a head? I'm looking for a larger quantity then the 5-12pks.
  10. Awesome. Thank you guys! Ordered up.
  11. Well that worked out well from the cell phone. Here is a picture. It looks alot like a lime green with silver flake mixed in.
  12. Thanks Cadman, I bought them from a little shop on 9 mile rd in Michigan. I'll try and get a pic but it looks just like the green antifreeze.
  13. I'm trying to copy the color Antifreeze has anyone found a color that matches this lately?
  14. Most guys on here build their own I would think. This is my favorite I make and the eyes dont fall off. LOL
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