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  1. I am going to see if I can attach a file this way .. could not the other

    Nope ... will need ur e mail to do it.

    Sorry about that


  2. chattanooga show

    I want to thank JawJacker for the great conversation that we had at the boat show . Everytime I get to talk to Rob , I learn a better way to build my sorry excuse for a crankbait ! The man is a wealth of information about building crankbaits and he sure knows how to build a great running crankbait . The bass liked them as much as I did too . Thanks agian JawJacker !
  3. cut throat baits?

    Jawjacker go to . You can get in touch with him there . If you want I can give him a message to get in touch with you .
  4. dick nite

    Dean , do you dip or brush it on ?
  5. Wiring harness

    I agree Longball , that is a beautiful Crankbait
  6. Tapp Copy

    Great looking bait . This is the bait that got me wanting to build crankbaits !
  7. Stainless steel vs. brass

    Can someone tell me the Pro's and con's of using stainless steel vs. brass for hook holders ? I am new to making crankbaits and was wondering why some use stainless steel while others use brass for their hook holders ?