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  1. basser_jim

    building a turner

    Instructions/ Photos?
  2. basser_jim

    Strike King 3x

    does anyone know how they made them?
  3. basser_jim

    number of molds for production?

    I am hoping for this to be on a fairly large scale... eventually. What would average cool time be on the following baits? Stick/other worm toad lizard chunk beaver brush hog swimbait
  4. basser_jim

    number of molds for production?

    if I am going to produce how many baits should I be able to make at one time?
  5. basser_jim

    More questions colors and glitter

    ok... how about the cheapest source for plastic?
  6. basser_jim

    Ok one more...buying molds on ebay

    Just to add... I tried several different searches but didnt come up with nearly the results I had hoped.... Not much out there or didnt I search right?
  7. If I were to search for molds on EBAY what would be the best keyword/words?
  8. Reading the cookbook. the first and last time i poured was almost a year ago. do colors come in a dropper dispenser bottle? I dont remember. Also is the glitter used anything special or could it be bought at the local craft store? also what brand of plastic do yall recommend and where is the cheapest to buy it? would like to buy at least 5 gallons at a time.
  9. basser_jim

    Perfect Workshop

    what do you use for ventilation?
  10. basser_jim

    Perfect Workshop

    Getting ready to convert part of my basement to a tackle making shop. Will be pouring worms/dipping tubes, pouring lead, and eventually Painting..... What would you do to make it the perfect shop?
  11. basser_jim

    Several Questions

    #1 How do you pour a swirl color? #2 Does anyone have a link to a how to on dipping tubes? #3 Does anyone have a link on a how to make a tail cutter?
  12. basser_jim

    Painting question

    I told you I was new to this painting thing:lol:
  13. basser_jim

    Painting question

    I understand that you dont shoot epoxy....and I understand that you brush it onto the wood to seal it.... I don't think that I phrased my question right.... is this correct: Createx will not always stick to epoxy very well, but acrylic will stick to the epoxy, and the createx will stick to it?
  14. basser_jim

    Painting question

    Thanks a lot... now I have another question.... RE making my own lures.... if I were to use Devcon as a sealant, It would be best to shoot an acrylic basecoat before shooting the createx??? Did I read that right?
  15. basser_jim

    Painting question

    I just purchased a Paasche Vl off of Ebay... it comes with several bottles of Createx paint.... the question that I have is when I start painting is there any sort of primer required, or just my base color?