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  1. clyde


    Looking to try and make a Swimbait. In a shad or Gill shape wondering what resin will work best for these.
  2. This may be a stupid question. Started throwing swimbaits fishing from my kayak. I was wondering if i had a casting blank, could i have it made to a spinning set up. The casting rods are rated for heavier baits. I know a bait cater would work but the rivers i fish have some hang over limbs and i am afraid i will be in the trees alot with the bait caster also its easier throwing a spinning rod while sitting.Another question i like a 6' 6" rod for the yak could i shorthen the butt section of the rod?
  3. clyde


    i am wanting to try some painting, but i am having trouble finding a materail to make them out of. what do some of you guys use for making them?
  4. clyde

    crank bait bills

    Try jann`s netcraft.
  5. clyde

    jig skirts

    Looking for a skirt, purple with chartuse tips if anyone knows where to get any i would appricate the info.
  6. clyde

    crank bait bills

    I am looking for some bills that are on the hott lipps lures,does anyone have any ideal on where to find them.i have looked at jann`s netcraft an they dont have them.
  7. clyde

    color charts

    could you guys give me a place that i could get a color chart for createx.