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  1. scottkehl1282

    Airbrush paint question.

    I have a question along the same lines, been using a .5mm tip with my invariable 35 psi compressor. Want to get another .35 mm tip for finer detail stuff, will this air pressure not be enough? Will I have to thin the paint too much? Thanks.
  2. scottkehl1282

    Does anyone do custom painting of crankbaits here

    casey, sent you a couple pm's
  3. scottkehl1282

    Original Citrus Sahd

    Anyone have a pic or a link for the original citrus shad pattern they used to put on fat free shads? Got a buddy who wants me to try and duplicate it and I've lost all my originals in brushpiles. Thanks.
  4. scottkehl1282

    Store bought blanks

    what's CLU? and does stamina still have the bandit 200's youre talking about? I cant find them, maybe just not seeing them. Thanks.
  5. scottkehl1282


    If someone finds the tutorial, please post it.
  6. scottkehl1282

    Can anyone name this lure?

    I was going to say a cordell jointed redfin until you said it didnt even run a foot deep. I dont know, probably a rebel wakebait or something like that, but look at the red fins and see if thats it.
  7. scottkehl1282

    Flex Coat Finish

    Devcon is so heavy sometimes I think it affects the action of the bait, I figured the stuff meant to flex with a rod is probably lighter. I probably wont use it but it sounded like a good idea.
  8. scottkehl1282

    Flex Coat Finish

    Has anyone ever used Flex Coat Rod wrap finish for actually clear coating their baits? Reviews?
  9. scottkehl1282

    Does anyone do custom painting of crankbaits here

    Apparently 501 taught you how to do more than just spray through a screen. They look good dude.
  10. scottkehl1282

    hard bait cookbook

    Looking for a sexy shad or pearl ayu. Anyone?
  11. scottkehl1282

    Does anyone do custom painting of crankbaits here

    Hmmm...I wonder if he will have any trouble finding someone to paint a bait around here.
  12. scottkehl1282

    Ctex Colors

    I've been trying to duplicate some of the baits in the cookbook, but I can't get alot of the Ctex colors that you guys are using. Aside from basic colors, the local hobby shop I buy my stuff at only has a limited supply of colors. Where do you guys buy the other colors?
  13. scottkehl1282

    Jann's Netcraft Bodies

    So I guess you would just recommend buying the bait with paint on it, sanding it off and repainting? Ever found anywhere to buy factory bodies before they paint them? Thanks.
  14. scottkehl1282

    Jann's Netcraft Bodies

    Anyone ever used any of the blank bodies from Jann's Netcraft, in particular the LC pointer knockoffs? Was thinking about buying them for painting. How are they?
  15. scottkehl1282

    Epoxy affecting action

    I just started airbrushing my own baits and am wondering if anyone knows whether the devcon 2 ton will make a suspending bait, like a rogue or a pointer sink. If so, anyone have another alternative topcoat that maybe isnt as heavy?