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  1. has anybody seen this bait ,or tried building one?
  2. Looks better than my first one.One of the best tips is to use some kind of netting to spray through.Before long you will find yourself looking at all kinds of different things and materials you can spray through.
  3. CMARTIN269


    I've seen the Envirotex spray in the WASCO catalog and wondered the same thing.I can't seem to get regular E-Tex to work correctly.
  4. CMARTIN269

    Just a few New

    nice looking baits you ought to take it up as a hobby
  5. how did you like the vacum form stencil.Thinking about giving it a try. Really good looking bait
  6. that's kind of what I thought about the braided line. wasn't sure about the wide gap hooks. Still not sure about senko's vs worms vs c-rigs
  7. 1 Createx 2 Createx 3 Cteatex 4 Createx Not trying to be funny, but starting out you can't get any less trouble free than Createx. You can experiment later with other paints but learning how to use your airbrush and getting comfortable with it is most important when starting out. Createx is easy to use and relativley inexpensive.
  8. Has anybody ever fished it.We are going down in about a week,it is supposed to be great trophy bass fishing,but they have some restrictions i'm not sure about. 1. No wide gap hooks 2.No braided line(It's all flooded timber) 3.only Gamakatsu hooks 4.No senko type baits but you can throw flukes,and plastic worms 5.No Carolina Rigs just curious about some of the rules,probably sponsored by Gamakatsu,but the braided line thing,I don't understand. why can you throw plastic worms and not carolina rigs.If anybody has been or have any ideas please clue me in because I can't figure it out on my own. Hope to have some trophy pics,when I get back.They say there are 80-100 bass 10lbs or over caught every year.
  9. CMARTIN269


    I've found some images but there are so many different varities it is hard to decide what's best.
  10. CMARTIN269

    Vacuum Forming

    there was a video from the TU get together on the homepage,shows how to make a inexpensive vacum form. I would have to look around to find it now since the sight has changed,but it is here.It is very informative.
  11. CMARTIN269


    Can't find two pictures of a tilapia that look the same ,so here is one of my interpretations
  12. CMARTIN269

    young lovers

    male and female bluegill I am going to have to improve on my photography if I'm going to keep posting these pictures.
  13. Thanks guys, I gave it really thorough cleaning,I'm back in the game.Thanks for all the help and I like the suggestion of straining paint now I am going to have to sneak the wifes pantyhose.
  14. I am using a VL Paasche with a #1 needle.I called myself cleaning it, but will really break it down and clean it tonight.
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