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  1. Wolfcreek

    Musky Jerkbait

    I really like this one, beautiful and cool shape and design!
  2. Wolfcreek

    Musky Popper

    I just love it!!
  3. Wolfcreek

    Common Carp 9" musky bait

    Beautiful! I really like the paintjob and scaling!
  4. Wolfcreek

    9" Common Sucker musky bait

    Wow, love it! Nice shape, love the scales - skilled painting and perfect clearcoat!
  5. Wolfcreek

    Jointed Tails

    thank you guys! i hope the pike like them, they swim good! i live quite far north in sweden, early ice up and stay long, so i only have the swimming pool to fish until may...
  6. Wolfcreek

    Jointed Tails

    7" + tail and 5" + tail on the smaller. cedar, floating but really slow rising, almost suspending.
  7. Wolfcreek

    Paulownia Walking Bait

    Cool! Like the shape, like the color!
  8. Wolfcreek

    Brown trout

    Thanks guys! StoneCoal - fins are mix of templates, pencil and freehand with transparent colors.
  9. Wolfcreek

    Brown trout

    10 inch cedar crank
  10. Wolfcreek


    thanks lapala! havent thought about it.. yes, maybe it might, but it hasn
  11. Wolfcreek


    thanks guys, really nice words! ff - thank you, how about feeding it to the pikes?
  12. Wolfcreek


    11 inch cedar crank
  13. Thanks Camel, I do the fins with a combination of templates and freehand.
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