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  1. It's not just theory, but like I said it would be next to impossible for me to post a pic right now. Dean and Nathan, check pm.
  2. Sorry if that is bad forum form, but if it were easier for me to post pictures, you'd probably see more than the few that have been posted by me. Anyway I could explain it in words, and already have to a few...
  3. Dean, did you edit that post? I just reread the entire thing from start to finish, and do not remember that post in the original flow of discussion. I seriously doubt you need any advice on ways to joint a bait with sevenstrand, but if so pm me.
  4. I wouldn't balk at $1 a pair either, but the ones I saw a couple of years ago sold for $0.79 for six pieces (three pair). They were produced (or at least marketed by) Bel Tree Corporation. I don't have a website, but the package stated the following: Bel Tree, Inc. Strongsville, OH 44136 MADE IN CHINA Bel Tree Corporation (A Sunzusei of Japan Product)
  5. Depends how realistic you require. If you want realism, get the taxidermy style. If you want round pupil or maybe cat eye, you can sometimes find them at places like Michael's art stores, or places that sell doll making material. Yes, doll making material. Get ready for some strange looks if you find a specialty type store. The doll type eyes often have a "post" that extends behind the pupil that you would use to push into the doll eye sockets. When adapting one of those to baits, you can cut off the post or snip it off with clippers if it hinders your design. Also, with glass eyes, weight is a major consideration since they are way heavier than the type BobP mentioned. For that reason, eye placement is absolutely critical when using glass. Good luck.
  6. actionbaits, I'm trying to imagine what you're after and hope I'm not too far off the mark. Some guys on here have mentioned using the lead tape from golf pro shops (designed to add weight to a driver, etc.) to weight baits. Could such a product have a use in your application on the lip? You mentioned that you want a clear product...but maybe a carefully cut, placed, and top coated strip of tape would work?
  7. Both of you guys have done very professional jobs on your boats. Have you considered turning it into a business?
  8. Norcal, no disrespect at all intended here, but have you experienced a problem with split ring failure? I know it would be more likely where you live (due to the size of the fish), but this is not as much a problem here. I prefer to have a selection of sizes and weights. This allows float testing and fine-tuning. By adjusting hooks/rings up and down you can completely alter the action. You can also accidentally ruin the action.
  9. If the lip you want has a curved face, do a search on here for a post by the user "hazmail." You might find it enlightening, or it might fully explain what you're trying to do.
  10. doomdart

    bulk devcon?

    With Devcon, the ratio is essentially 1:1. At least the package says so. And you might try to tap the syringe a few times to get the "bubbles" to rise. 'Nuff said, there.
  11. In the thread BobP refers to about thinning Devcon with Iso 91% I think it was generally decided that maybe MEK is better. The Iso will work if you do it how BobP described....small drops at a time to your pool until it begins to move around how you want while you stir. Or acetone....but 91% will work. As far as the nicks in the screw eyes...there are some out of the bag, but the line tear I've seen is caused by the nicks marked into the surface of the eye from a pair of pliers, etc. Could have been caused while clearing out an epoxied eye or closing an open screw eye. Round jaw pliers will reduce that possibility. Also the line snap I experienced was on a very light mono line. With a tougher line like braid or other superline you probably wouldn't have the same issue.
  12. I have used toothpicks before for stirring/application and haven't noticed any difference in the bubble problem. Maybe Hoodaddy is talking about the popsicle type sticks....would not recommend those either. Now I use wire like Hoodaddy says, but also use the same wire to apply. Small curve bent in the end, use inside and outside curve to apply on any bait shape. Pointed wire tip for tight spaces. I haven't used brushes that often for this purpose, but suspect that it might be easier to add bubbles with a brush than a wire. Before you brush guys get angry, just realize I know that it can be applied perfectly either way.
  13. Nice feature for when you're fighting a fish in the shallows or in tight to cover, I'm sure!
  14. Read the sweatshirt..."this is what the greatest fisherman looks like." I like that....but what is that thing sprouting from your knuckle?
  15. The fish and baits look great, and so does that lake!
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