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  1. ron g

    Weed guards

    J-maclures.com has 2-1/6” x 5/32” sold per 100,black,brown and clear.
  2. McMaster-Carr has stainless steel screw eyes. Fast shipping , if I order by 10am I have it at my door by 2pm the next day standard shipping. https://www.mcmaster.com/#screw-eyes/=15n0jcc
  3. Google bullet weights. I have used them for inline spinners to, can get them at a lot of places.
  4. ron g

    Paint Question

    Yes, but you will probabley have to thin them to shoot through the airbrush. i have had no problems with the Americana brand of paints.
  5. No specific brand just try to find the freshest stuff. If the hardner is realy yellow looking its probably old stock. just read the back of the package to see if its waterproof. most 30 min epoxies are.
  6. In the airline industry we have small packs of one min epoxy called Doubble Bubble, they are 1.5 x 1.5 in. the pack is divided into two halves. thats the smallest i have seen.
  7. 200 Deg F. For the 30 min Devcon
  8. If you have a Target store near you they have a small scale made by Kitrics that is a 3 in 1 scale that I have for just the purpose you described. It weightes in oz. and gr. goes max 72oz. or 2000g. Cost is $30.00. OOPS! should have read all the post. See you found one. Sorry.
  9. lurepartsonline.com good selection and choice of quality/grade.
  10. Try http://lurepartsonline.com They seem to have very high quality blades. They also have pre tied bucktail trebles.
  11. I have used braids for years and the knot that has never failed on me is the Uni Knot.I also do not use super glue on them ever.It is important to make a minimum of seven wraps though,otherwise it may try to slip.
  12. Cabela's has 3-D eyes 1/4" 3/8" 5/16" & 5/32" if any of those are the size you need. They are $2.99 per pkg. I order from them all the time and I get my orders between two & five days. Hope this helps.
  13. ron g

    "Grab Hooks"

    Found these on barproducts.com. go to bottle openers then click on unique openers. scrole down to almost the bottom of the page.www.barproducts.com
  14. ron g

    "Grab Hooks"

    Just saw the hook you are looking for at basspro shops online in the hooks section.
  15. why not put a 3 or 4 inch twister tail on it. that would give you tail action. I use 4 inch twister tails on spinerbaits all the time and get great action.
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