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  1. OK!!! I got a question.. A REAL ONE!!!

    mmmm, beer
  2. spray on clear coat

    Get yourselves some MSDS sheets on ANY clear you get, especially the Urethane clears. Is is NOT to be played around with, and really shouldn't be sold to inexperienced people like us. They contain icocyanates, not sure on the spelling, but look it up. It's deadly, is absorbed in through lungs, nose, even your SKIN, and no, just gloves are not enough. It's tough stuff to handle. If I am not mistaken, there is even some in Dick Nite, at least according to the definition of Polyurethane according to Wikipedia Use what you want, but please protect yourself, I don't claim to be completely safe, but I try, as I need to be around to finish watching my kids grow up, and you should too.
  3. Thermochromic Paints to change colors in water?

    I am not sure the paints you're referring to work that quickly.
  4. coffee scented plastics

    Yeah, LC just started carrying it I noticed. Never tried the UpperHand scents myself.
  5. Tenn. Shad

  6. Tenn. Shad

    I need that!
  7. skirt source

    http://www.fishingskirts.com/ I have not used them yet, got enough skirts for a long, long time, but have heard good reviews about these folks. Might try there.
  8. Im' in a Rut!

  9. Problems with senkos...

    Can do that with a Lee pot as well, if you do some searches, I've seen some pretty nifty stirrers posted here.
  10. Problems with senkos...

    Ozark Tackle was selling pots once, you can check there
  11. Enhancing the trolling motor fuses

    They make circuit breakers for marine use. Switching to blade fuses will work if you get some rated for marine use. I would leave well enough alone. If the TM is your only problem, then the breaker should fix that, and the upgrade will just be time spent.
  12. Problems with senkos...

    Top the mold off once it starts to sink. Don't wait so long on the laminates to pour the second color.
  13. painting videos

    Yes, booth or no booth, he should be wearing a respirator. He does at least wear gloves.
  14. Discounts for bait shops?

    I do not like to see it either, and for the guys that can't figure it out, they end up quitting because they sell baits, but never have any money! I never understood the sell it cheaper than the store mentality. Seems that so many are doing it, they've unwittingly gotten the public trained to buy on price, not quality, they missed the point of offering handmade premium tackle altogether.
  15. What clear to use between layers of createx?

    They do make a clear