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  1. Thanks for the share and glad you got your lure back!!
  2. I found a sizing chart, not sure if that will help https://www.tacklecrafting.com/baits/wb_size_chart/
  3. Thank you very much for the reply!!
  4. Very nice, kinda surprised there is not a higher concentration of flake at the bottom of the tails. I have heard some people say that is a detriment with a centrifugal type of pour. However, these pics show otherwise. What do you use to spin the molds, if you dont mind me asking? Also I like that you made a single tail and a double tail mold that both fit the one top piece
  5. I mean seriously, with all the great things on this site and sharing of knowledge.... And your contribution is Lol ... it's burned plastic and he got lucky? SMH (I've been a lurker for a long time appreciating the hard work of the members and how this site is like a big community but i had to comment about what I would consider as someone just Hating on anothers work)
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