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  1. Squid Mold

    Me as well
  2. Dick Nite Ordering

    Will dick nites clear coat make airbrushed paint run?
  3. Can fill the collar with jb weld.Send whatever.....

  4. Do it swim jig

    I have one
  5. Crackle-back jerkbait

    real nice,Id like to learn more of the glue crackle method.
  6. Crank it up

    Nice,nice work.......I love the colors.What brand airbrush paint do you use?
  7. I have 1/32 ounce mold you may want.

  8. 1/32 roundhead no calor

    Mine does 4 at a time with 4 1/16 also.It is a do-it JR-8-1632
  9. 1/32 roundhead no calor

    Im gonna run out to the garage and take a look...I think I can help you.
  10. Lureworks Plastisol

    I was thinking the same thing....
  11. Anybody Willing To Swap Molds Temporarily?

    I have some frog molds i can lend out if anyones interested
  12. Punker re-paint

    stencil or not I friggin love this bait
  13. New York

    Anyone in NY area going to attend the Outdoor show in Rockland county march 3-6?
  14. tinkering with feathers

    now how did that get in there?