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  1. I met Emory whilst attending a TU meet a few years ago and really enjoyed his company for those few fleeting days. I know how well respected he was and I admired his moulding skills immensely. I am also the proud owner of a couple of lures signed by the man himself. He will be sadly missed. PhilB Leeds, United Kingdom
  2. Hi I use RTV with a shore rate of 18, without a vacum and it works well with no air entrapment. Phil
  3. Hi all Just dropped by to say Hi to everyone and let you know I am still thieving oxygen philB
  4. Ahh father's difficult decisions eh, "fishing or wedding ?, wedding or fishing ?, fishing or wedding. Doh nuts to it where's the tackle"
  5. Shame she is not getting married in Leeds, West Yorkshire
  6. Hi fellas Somewhat belated but many thanks for the box of goodies you sent me and I now wear my new t shirt with pride. Pete came and visited me here in the UK after the meet so I got a first hand account of what went on. Thanks again Phil p.s. Why not come and say hello here http://eurolures.co.uk/yabb/YaBB.pl I'm always there
  7. Thats just about the same here. I have been using them since I brought some back from the TU meeting in 2008 and have not had any problems. Thanks to all for taking the time to reply. philB
  8. philB

    Jig Skirt

    Hi Don't give up on importing from China. Like Mexico we have tough import duties to pay but I have found the Chinese will mark up customs labels as gifts which prevents them attracting duty. That's here and I suspect Mexico will be similar. philB
  9. Ay lad tha tanks all reet sithe . Dint notha ad an appreciation of Yorkshire music
  10. philB

    Puter Backgound

    Nova Ok I admit it, I do trawl the gallery. There I have come out publicly I hope everyone is satisfied . philB p.s. I propose the gallery is renamed 'The font of inspiration'
  11. Hi There is a raging debate over here that goes on and on about the use of fluorocarbon as a trace material when used for Northern Pike. I would be interested in hearing what experiences the Musky anglers have had with this material ??. It seems there is about a 50/50 split over here as to whether it is a suitable material or not. philB
  12. philB

    Sos, Help Needed

    As BobP said you must have some real brush speed with a 5 min epoxy. All epoxies are not the same and the two leaders in the race are Etex and Devcon 2 ton, I use Etex which I like and trust, users of 2ton will no doubt say the same. I know a lot of fellas here use water based acrylics and I've used them myself but prefer good old Nitro . I dont think paint type is as important as the coat that protects it, get that right and the paint is ok no matter what it is. philB
  13. philB

    Sanding Epoxy

    Fishnart I have sanded many epoxied lures. It's a great way to tart up tired looking baits and of course those devils with that little finish imperfection that spoils an otherwise perfect lure. After sanding I just finish with a very fine wire wool just to make that smoothness perfect. The transformation when re applying the epoxy is amazing but we must remember that it is a coat on top and will never be as strong as the original as I have found out when I cast one into an iron piling. philB
  14. Hi I normally hang round hard baits but I need to buy 500/600 good quality small grubs in assorted colours. These need to be sent to the UK. Anyone interested please pm. ? Image spec. attached. philB
  15. philB

    Hazmail Birthday

    Pete As always I am the birthday wishes tail gunner, always behind the rest of the crew A very happy birthday mate Phil
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