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  1. Man ... that`s sick!!! Awesome job - respect!
  2. Every flyfishing shop should carry rabbit strips. What you`re up to - pouring them in as tails like with the Megabass softplastics?
  3. tarakito

    my latest swimbait...

    lovely matey, lovely!
  4. G`day! don`t know if this is the right place for my post ... just wantes to share the url of my new lure-website. Online now: www. tarakito.net Thank you so much for all the help concerning pouring here at tu! Best regards, Ian.
  5. hey up willie, it`s rather tiny - only about 50mm overall. cheers, Ian.
  6. Good morning everybody, just a quick one to show my latest idea. Tarakito Comic Craw designed to be fished on a t-rig or as a trailer for European perch. Best regards, Ian.
  7. thanks a lot guys! the biodegradable stuff i`ve seen is rather stiff and not really suited for softbaits. Except the vios stuff Megabass uses. This is absolute killer material. Does anybody have details on this stuff? Ian.
  8. Del, still no PM from you - I`m still interested ;-) Has anybody heard of these guys: http://www.fslures.com ? Best regards, Ian.
  9. hey up there! thanks for all your input - it``s highly appreciated. you`re right - my masters (made of clay) have some tiny scratches (caused by sandpaper, polishing, etc.) and therefore the baits didn`t come out shiny. i tried to cover up the master with epoxy which is a pain in the arse imho. so i tried pop molds which are much much easier to fabricate and cheaper. i think, taht i`ll stick to pop for now. cheers up, Ian.
  10. well, i charge them sligthy more than for single colour ones. cheers, Ian.
  11. Hi Del, thank you very much for this information! I`d really appreciate if you could PM the contact details to me. Best regards, Ian.
  12. Hey up there, i`ve just done a little research for biodegradable plastics or simmilar products suitable for pouring softbaits but couldn`t really find any useful information. I know there are products available based on citric acid but would appreciate any more information on that subject. Tahnks a lot in advance! Cheers, Ian.
  13. Hey there, up to now i did all my molds (at least the 1 piece ones) the following way: I started with carving a prototype out of clay, sanded this down to 1000 and then polished it with some piece of cloth. I then glued it on some piece of plastic, built 4
  14. G`day folks, dunno if this is the right category but as a boat is somehow a fishing tool i`ll give it a try. Just finished my jon boat conversion and want to share some pictures. Please see here: http://www.blog.tarakito.net/?p=73#more-73 Cheers & Beers, Ian.
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