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  1. Fatfingers Flatshad

    Love this one Vince, Great job my friend. Douglas
  2. Cedar squarebills

    Awesome!! Douglas
  3. Cedar squarebills9.jpg

    Great job Eye's, You've put much time in this craft and it shows! Great Craw. Douglas
  4. Fatfingers crank bait

    Beautiful! At a glance I knew the artist, it could only be Vince. Great job, there is a lot going on here and the blend and contrast work well. Douglas
  5. 20170201-215304.jpg

    Great paint Keith! Douglas
  6. My swimbait making adventures

    Well, you have made some good progress so far, and I like your design. I don't know about rushing to make a master without the most important steps still ahead. Testing, making that piece of wood or plastic perform as you intend. Ask anyone here about prototype testing, failures, unexpected performance, and "Ah Ha" moments. I wish you the best of luck, but I find making those adjustments easier to do on a pre-production unit. Good Luck, Douglas
  7. 4 and 6 inch CedarCrankbaits

    Very nice shape and finish! Douglas
  8. cedar perch7

    Great job Eye's, I think you have really hit the mark with these last few postings. Beautiful perch patterns, and the fades on the small orange crank with G-10 lip are perfect! Douglas
  9. burbout curly tail

    Fantastic work Mikko. What type of rigging are you planning, some type of harness or what? Douglas
  10. Pre-clear coat

    Beautiful. Douglas
  11. Underwater Test Footage

    Reef Hawg style. I like the skinny ones hangtime. Douglas
  12. Cedar Crappie

    Great job Eyes, post it up after completion as well. Douglas
  13. image

    Didn't even have to guess who the builder was, your signature is all over these! Great job, Beautiful as usual. Douglas
  14. Handcrafted Slounch Slayer SD's and Brush Bugs

    These look great ! I really love those Bugs, nice work. Douglas
  15. IMG 20160428 142120

    I like the smaller size for Pike. I'm going to assume that these are glidebaits? The paint job is great and the finish look's to be about a half inch thick. The oversize custom eye's really top off these nicely. Very nice work, and good luck fishing. Douglas